Losing Myself For You

Grace is a 19 year old girl just trying to pay the bills of her new apartment in Doncaster, England. She decides to go into the tutoring program for younger kids at the local high school, but when she meets Lottie's older brother one day will it strike up some romance? Or maybe conflict? And will she still be able to focus on her job and career with the new distractions?


1. Starting New

Grace's P.O.V.
As I unpacked the last of my things for my apartment I started to think. What was I going to do? I needed to earn money, and fast.
I had already applied for the part time at Starbucks, but that wouldn't be enough.
I decided to finish packing a take a walk. I didn't really know where I was going, but I didn't care.
I walked past what looked like a high school or middle school. I stopped and read the sign," WANTED! After school tutors for grades 9 through 12. Sign up today in the main office!"
I walked into the school, this had to be a paying job, and I did get a language degree, so why not?
I walked into the office," Hello I'm Grace Young and I was wondering where I could get more information on the home tutoring?"
The lady behind the desk seemed nice," Oh yes! Here's the application, and we will set up at time for you and your student everyday."
" Thank you," I said taking the sheet.
I filled it out and returned it.
" Ahh I see you have a part time job as well, be here at 3:30 tomorrow and we will pair you up!"
I smiled," Great! And the sheet stated the family pays for the tutoring weekly?"
" that is correct."
" Great! I'll be back at three!"
I walked back home and looked down at my watch... Noon!!! I had to be at work 15 minutes ago! I quickly changed, threw my hair up and drove to work.
I ran in.
" Your late," my manager replied.
" I'm so sorry sir, I lost track of time."
" Just don't let it happen again sweetie," she said. It still amazed me how a women that old was working this job. It was a lot of moving.
I was at the register, not looking up.
The man made a noise and my head shot up," Oh sorry! How can I help you?"
I looked at him. He was Defiantly cute. Straight brown hair with stunning blue eyes. He was wearing sunglasses but he took them off. And he looked in shape even though he was wearing a big black sweatshirt. He looked about my age as well.
" No worries. I was just wondering how you get to this address?"
He showed me the address and I laughed," I just moved here, I have no idea where anything is. Sorry," I said with an apologetic smile," I'll go ask Jean, she'll know.."
" No that's ok. I'd rather just talk to you," he said suprising me a little bit.
I felt myself blushing," Umm well I kind of have to work for a while...."
" Oh maybe some other time?"
" Yeah sure umm... Here," I said writing on a napkin my cell number," that's my number if you want to reach me."
I felt like such an idiot. What would a guy like that see in a girl like me? I was taller, but not taller than him thank God, with long dirty blond hair and gray eyes.
" I'll see you around," and he left.
My shift took forever too end, but for some reason the whole time I was thinking about that guy. I didn't even know his name but he seemed sweet. Hopefully he'd use that number...
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