5. at home

after the walk sarah and cami went back to the boys and harry and louis were smiling the whole day

harrys p.o.v

harry: last night was crazy i had a dream tht i was dating my true love and some how i think tht dream came true cuse sarah she is the most beautifulest girl in the world

louis: omg u had that dream to

harry: u had the same dream omg we are like twins haha

louis: lets go out to eat! cami do u want to??

cami: sure why not

harry: sarah love do u want to stay here with me??

sarah: yes i would love to

louis and cami: BAII dont have to much fun!!!!!!

harry : we will TRY not to but i just dont know!!

louis and cami exit the hotel and harry says tht u and him have been goin out for a year now and then........................

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