1. Suspicion

I look at the clock

but it hasn't stopped

its quarter to three

but i haven't heard his key

He's been out since ten

and still not in bed


He comes home at four 

he smells different than before

our love is like cold war

and my heart is so sore

he was my world 

and now its uncurled


I was his Aphrodite

now i'm his Hestia

he said he loved me

that he adored me

but the blonde hair

shows the affair


I whisper 'cheat'

but he doesn't  beat a retreat

i whisper 'liar'

he only respires


I say 'how could you'

but my lungs are full of glue

i say 'it's over'

but he is my four leaf clover


I shout 'think of the children'

in my head there is a siren

I shout 'i hate you'

but i never follow through


He said nothing happened

but i am only saddened

i was once beautiful

and young

Now i am emotional wreck

from just a suspicion.


I have no evidence

but i think it's evident

should i leave him

 or stay with the grim?


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