On and off

I was just an ordinary girl until I met Harry. And his friends. We are all just a great group of friends. We always hang out. Then me and Harry get together. But them something very bad happened!!


1. Meeting my friends

I grabbed my sweater. I put it on then ran outside. It was cold. I let my hair down. Then I walked into Starbucks. I ordered some hot chocolate. I'm 17 I'm turning 18 next month. My hair is brown blonde. I took a sip and burned my tongue. I turned around and saw this woman with brown curly hair. She smiled at me. "hi" I said. "hey" she said. She ordered then sat at the same table as me. "I'm Danielle" she said. "I'm Angelina" I said. She smiled. "your name is so preatty" I said. "no yours is" she said. We became really good friends. She told me she was a dancer. She has a boyfriend named Liam Payne. He's in a famous band called one direction. She was taking me to meet her friends at her house. I walked in. There were eight people there. I regonized a girl there. It was Demi Lavato. "hey" I said as I waved. "I'm Angelina" I said. They all smiled. Then they all told me their names. Their names were Liam, zayn, perrie, demi, Niall, Louis, Eleanor, and harry. They told me that Louis was dating Eleanor and danille was Dating Liam and perrie was dating zayn. But Niall and Harry had nobody. Niall was eating a bag of chips. They were all sitting by the fire. I sat down. "so what's going on"? Danille asked. "were talking about how bad Harry's girlfriends were" Liam laughed while saying. I giggled. "they all wernt that bad" Harry said. "they were horrible" Demi said. They were all laughing having a good time. They were all best friends and they just let me in! " okay so let's talk about first kisses" Eleanor said. "who's was yours love"? Louis asked her. "uh you hun" she said with a fake smile. "lie" Harry said laughing. "okay I was very young" she said. "and sadly it wasn't you" she said giggling. I smiled. He gave her a kiss on the cheek. "let's play tell the truth game" Niall said. "how does that work"? I asked. "we'll we write our names on a paper and one person draws a name. And whoever they pick has to ask a question and the person who got picked has to answer it truthfully" Harry said. "okay" I said. We all wrote our names and put it in a box. First liam picked a name. It was Eleanor. "Eleanor did Louis take my batman belt"? He asked. "yes" she said gigling. "okay just rat me out" Louis said laughing. "I'm sorry I love you" she said giggling. They gave eachother a quick peck kiss. I smiled. Then niall picked a name. It was ME!! "so Angie do you think any of us guys are attractive would you date one of us"? He asked laughing. "Uhhh ya" I said smiling. "which one"? He asked. I said "well uh....
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