Kiss me slowly

When Holly McNair moves to Wolverhampton because of a job transfer she thinks life will pretty much be the same. But when she meets (unfamous) Liam Payne he will fall absolutely head over heels in love with her. Since her relationship with ex boyfriend was so bad she finds it hard to love again.* Hey guys this is my first movella so please no hate THANKS!!!!*


11. Home again

Holly's POV: I guess I fell asleep because the next thing I knew, I was back in Harry's car going to my house. My head was rested in Liam's lap and we were in the back seat with just Harry driving. That's it. I pretended to be asleep so I wouldn't have to walk and it worked. When Harry pulled up at my house, Liam opened the door and picked me up bridal style. I brought my hands around his neck and he looked down into my eyes,"You tricker." I smiled and played with his hair. Liam whispered in my ear,"Now, pretend your asleep so that I can take you inside." I did as he said and tried not to laugh. He opened the door and my parents welcomed him in,"Aww." I heard my mom say and Josh and dad might have said a few things aswell, but I didn't hear. Liam carried me up the stairs and I opened my eyes when we reached the top. I giggled silently and he put a finger on his lips. Liam placed me on the bed and lyed down beside me,"You okay?" he asked referring back to later today. "Yeah," I lied. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer,"You're so beautiful," he said with his warm breath tickling my neck. He laughed and took his gaze into my eyes; then he made his way to my lips and kissed me. It was passionate and slow. We were there for a good 10 seconds and he smiled at me,"Why do you have to be pretty?" I blushed, these boys really did have the power to make girls do that. Then we heard footsteps coming up the stairs and acted normal. Josh opened the door and a smirk appeared on his face,"Um hmm. I won't tell though." he shut the door and went to his room. Liam gave me a small kiss and stood up,"Okay see you tommorow."
Harry's POV: Liam walked out the door and I sighed. He hopped in and I asked,"Mate what took so long?" "You can't rush love," he said. I rolled my eyes , sometimes this kid can be a little too cheesy. I drove him home and went back to my place, where the rest of the boys were waiting. Niall was on the couch lying down and Louis and Zayn were in the kitchen. I sat down next to Niall and he glanced at me,"So she and Liam are going out?" "Lad, I don't know. They haven't said anything," I answered. Then the curiosity killed me and I asked,"Why?" "Oh you know," his voice trailed off. I jumped up and and pointed at him,"You like Holly!!!" Zayn and Louis came over to us and gave Niall a weird look," Niall is that true?" Zayn asked. Niall looked away and mumbled a small,"Yes." All of our mouths dropped and we sat around him," But man, Holly belongs to Liam," Louis stated. "I know. But I love her too!" he whined. Harry spoke up,"So when Liam leaves to go to the military, your going to take her?" "No of course not. I'm going to protect her," Niall explained."But if she happens to fall in love with me...,"he tried but got cut off by Zayn. "She'll be too devastated with Liam leaving she won't fall in love with you mate."
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