You Belong With Me(A Taylor Swift Fan-Fic)

Hello I'm Taylor Swift.
I believe in love at first sight.
And this is what I have just experienced.
But I'm not perfect, You have someone better.
Prettier,Skinnier and well she has him.


1. Chapter 1


I walked up to my window to see him running up to her car,

"Come on! Were going to be late!"

Chantelle scream at Callum as he got into the car, She bent over to kiss him but he pulled away,

"Ugh Jack would've"

She said slyly before driving off,I rolled my eyes at her and walked over to my wardrobe. I grabbed out a t-shirt and some bottoms. I rolled onto my bed and grabbed my phone updating my twitter,

'@taylorswift13 bored! someone come and rescue me!x'

I saw Meredith stroll through the door and jump up on the bed,

"Hey baby"

I said stroking her soft her soft fur making her roll onto her belly purring, Just saying Meredith is my cat. I laughed as she rolled around so much she fell off the bed, Then my phone vibrated.

'@callum13: @taylorswift13 i'll save you!haha:L look out your window;)'

I blushed and ran to my window and he was sat there smiling as he grabbed a piece of paper saying


I smiled and grabbed a note pad and wrote,

'Hey what's up?'

He wrote down on the note pad again

'Just nothing don't worry you going prom?'

'No I'm studying for college'

'Oh I wish you were coming'I thought for a moment and decided to write it.

'I love you'

I rose my head to show him the note but he had smiled and shut his curtains, Damn! I grabbed my phone and earphones and listened to some music. When Nicki Minaj came on I grabbed my hairbrush and started rapping,

"This one is for the boys with the booming system.."

I noticed Callum looking through his window, chuckling but I carried on

"He got that boom bad dum bum BASE he got that super bass!"

He flipped his hair across and pulled the curtain away as I bounced around the room causing Meredith to evacuate.


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