Letters to the Front line

Story through letters between a mother and children to there father and husband during the second world war with london in great distress and the front lines treacherous living conditions. With relatively modern writing I hope you enjoy this historical tale about a Man and a Boy at war.


1. The day he left

My love,

Most of us, if not all get a defining moment in life, Mine was June 17th. Where you looked at me with those beautiful green eyes for the first time. Till this day I will gaze at them till I fall asleep in your arms. I looked at you and knew I would be your wife and it may sound corny but your the one. I know you will leave me soon as you go back to war but you should know:

I will be with you forever, before time began and when time ends our souls will be conected. I can feel your soul from here. But please just promise me this.

Come back, either in body or soul



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