zayns sisters

its about a brother and sister who live with their mum and their dad dies when they are both 8 years old. and their mum has been dating a guy behind their backs.


1. character intro


Hi my name is Shel I am 18 years old, and 5'6". I have long brown hair and brown eyes. My dad died when I was 10 years old. I have an older brother his name is Zayn Malik, he is in the band One Direction. He is overly protective. our mum started too abuse us 8 years ago when our dad died.



Hey im Zayn Shels older brother, I have brown eyes and black hair. I am 5'9". Shel and I are always their for each other, we never fight and we talk about EVERYTHING. She is very lucky to have me. Our mum is really mean and abusive. I have been thinking that me and Shel should move out. I have been thinking about that for awhile.



Hey I am Shel an Zayn's mum. I have long brown hair and Hazel eyes. Im 4'11". I was married to their dad for 10 years, all up until he died. Whenever I get angry, I abuse them. I hate the fact that Zayn is the one famous and im not. I mean I love to sing...but then again when I tried out for x-factor when Zayn did, Simon said that even a carrot could sing better than I can. He dont have talent. I have been secretly dating a guy named is very rich. Thats why im dating him. Peace out kitty lovers.  

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