My Life as a Roman Slave - Monologue

This monologue will take the reader back though time. This monologue is focused on the 'Roman Empire'. The monologue contains some true facts about being a slave and your duties as a slave in the Roman Empire.


1. My Life as a Roman Slave

I may not be an empress nor a mistress but without people like me Rome wouldn't be the magnificent city you are standing in today .My name is Alba. I am a slave from Rome. I was a slave for Hadrian and I helped built the Hadrian’s Wall.It was it was the 1st out 2 forts to be built in Great Britain,the other one being the Antonine Wall.For 11 years I had to work for 16 hours a day, only only getting 5 hours of sleep for me.After work my body would ache all over,it felt like fire burning inside of me. I helped mix the concrete and fetch water. The men always underestimate the women that were working on the Hadrian’s Wall, we women are strong.

I came from a family of 5, I have my mother and father but I don’t want to talk about them, I had twin brothers but 1 of them was murdered now I only have 1 brother he is very little. I stumbled upon this job when they raided my village and took me. I had to support my family, everyday I got a bowlful of food and 1 potful of water, that was enough to keep a family of 5 going, well I think, my family are just grateful that they have water, food and a little bit of money.

Anyway, enough about my family. Hadrian made this rule that if a slave killed or protested, anyone who heard about it was executed.  He was one harsh emperor. Only 1 time out of 11 years were we allowed to take the day off. Awful... Right? My life as a slave was horrible. All I ever thought about was when will Hadrian’s Wall be finished, Will I ever be freed?Now, that I think about it I am actually quite lucky. I know other people that don’t have a job and they can’t support their family. It’s just bittersweet.Isn’t it? I have to go now Hadrian is calling my name.... This will probably be the last time you will see me as a slave....Farewell!

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