What is Love?

Marisa and her cousin, Anna, just graduated and are off to London for a month. When they meet some older guys and fall pretty hard for them, will their trip be better or worse? Will age come between them? This fan fic is also set in the future a bit.It is 4 years in the future. This is my first fan fic. Sorry if its bad! sorry about the grammar and the spelling! Thanks for reading it! Please comment what you think!


1. Naturally Nandos



Marisa's POV:

I threw my last few clothes into my large suitcase. I couldn't wait. I was going to London!! I drove to my cousins’ house to pick her up since we were going together. We were going to be in London for a month. I was so excited! Anna and I were going to be in my favorite place in the world for a whole month. We already rented our own flat and rental car and everything. At the airport we say our goodbyes then head off. I sleep pretty much the whole plane ride and just dream of the beautiful city I'm almost at. Finally! We land at Heathrow! Anna’s eyes go wide when she see the airport! The air is cool against my skin, nothing like Texas weather. We get our bags, pick up the car, and we are out and ready. Since the time is different it's night here but they hadn't fed us on the plane so we decide to stop at any restaurant we see along the way. I saw a Nandos along the way. I thought i remembered it being close to our flat on a map.  We were starved. So,  Since it’s a fast place and we've heard a lot about it we decided its good. We walk in and sit a booth table and talk about things to see things to do and so on. We were looking at the menu trying to decide what to order. It had been about an hour since we landed and we hadn't called out parents.  

              " Just order me the not to spicy chicken! I'm going to go call my      


              " Alright then ill call my mom when you’re done."

I stare down at my phone finding my moms phone number. I'm at the door of Nandos when someone bumps into me really hard and I fall backwards. I fell on my butt and a sharp pain went through my entire back. I look up and see a blonde haired boy. He has beautiful blue green eyes. He looks worried as he sticks out a hand to help me up!

             " I'm so sorry I wasn't paying attention!!" he says with a truly

             apologetic look on his face and the most adorable Irish accent.

I look straight into his eyes just so I can count all the different shades of blue and green.

          "Oh no please don't be sorry it was completely my fault I was staring  

           at my phone!" I reply with a small smile to hide the pain in my butt. "

          Your American?" he asked with a cute smile. I nod my head and ask

          “ your Irish?" he smiles and nods.

 We just look into each other’s eyes for a while then he snaps out of it and sticks out a hand for me to shake

          "I'm Niall" I shook his hand. "I'm Marisa"

          " that’s a beautiful name"

 I felt my cheeks go red and I looked down and smiled a little bit. 

          "Thank you!"

          " Have you eaten yet?" he asked I shook my head he smiled the most amazing smile id ever seen my heart flipped over in my chest.  

          "This place is the best!" he said I just smiled





Niall's POV:

  Her smile, it was the most beautiful thing id ever seen, and her eye seemed to change colors in a matter of seconds from green to brown to gray. She was gorgeous, and i felt so stupid because i had just pushed her on to the floor.

           "Why don't we sit? I have 4 friends coming but you could join us.

           “Its the least I could do." I asked her. She smiled her beautiful smile  

           And said, "I would love to but I'm here with my cousin and she hasn't

           eaten either sooo…"

          "Well! She can join us too!" I said excitedly she giggled and nodded her head

          "Aren’t you in that band one direction?" she asked.

I felt my heart drop a little she was so perfect and I didn't want her only to love me as Niall Horan, the guy from One Direction. I wanted her to love me for just Niall Horan. I thought she would freak out and scream in my face like most of our other fans, but she didn't she just smiled and said

          "Y'all are really amazing"

Then turned around and walked over to her cousin. I was a bit shocked but my heart speed up again and all my nervousness came back. We all got seated at a bigger table so when the rest of the lads got here they had room.

          "Niall this is my cousin Anna, Anna this is Niall!"

Marisa introduced us. We all talked. It was so easy to talk to her. It was like I had known her forever but at the same time just met her.it was absolutely perfect.





Marisa's POV:

He was so easy to talk to. He always kept the conversation going.

          "I'm going to go call my mom and tell her we got here." Anna said, interrupting our conversation, but I didn't mind at all. I actually felt kind of bad because ever since I introduced them me and Niall have been talking to just each other. Niall and I nodded then Anna walked to out the door. Niall looked at me and smiled. Goodness it was perfect.

          "London's great! You will love it."

          "I know I can't wait to see more!" I said excitedly but with a little pout. I didn't think he would notice but a look of concern flooded his face.

          " What’s wrong?" he asked. His eyes wide.

          " It's nothing just…" I sighed and finished

          " We only have month here and I don't even know where to start and I just wish we had more time here!" He laughed and just seeing his smile again and hearing his laugh made me giggle a little. Right then we had another one of those moments where we just get lost in each other’s eyes.   

           " You have the most amazingly beautiful eyes..." He said slowly as if he was completely lost. I shaped out of it and felt my cheeks heat up and my heart speed and my stomach felt weird and I felt like my body was floating away.

          " T-t- thank you" I stuttered with a small flirty smile.

 Right when I said that four loud boys came in to the restaurant. They were laughing loud and screaming to be heard over one another. Me and Niall's eye contact broke and we both looked at the boys. I immediately recognized them! They were the other members of One Direction!  Niall turned to them and stood pup to give them those bro hug things. Anna walked back in while they ware all standing up talking. She came and sat next to me. Niall walked back over to us with the other four boys following him.

         " Marisa, Anna, this is Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. Boys, this is  

          Marisa,” he said opining at me

         " And this is Anna,” he said pointing to Anna.

I am a huge One Direction fan so I'm dying on the inside! I couldn't believe it; on my first night in London I meet the five most amazing men in the world!!! We all got along so well and always kept the conversation going! It was great!




        Liam's POV:

When I walked into Nandos I had seen Niall sitting with a lovely girl and when he greeted us he had whispered to him that he really liked her. I love Niall but I just want to make sure he doesn't get hurt.  Niall got up to go to the bathroom so I had the perfect chance to talk to him now. I got up and followed him to the bathrooms.

          " Hey man! This is fun isn't it" Niall said when he saw me

          " Yeah bro. They seem really sweet."

          "They are Liam, Marisa is so beautiful and… I don't know Liam it's

          just that feeling... you know when you like someone so much and you

         felt that way since the first moment you lay eyes on her!" he said staring at nothing as if he forgot I was even there. And after hearing that, and seeing how mesmerized he was by her I knew that he just had to go for it cause he really did have strong feelings for her. I nodded and smiled

        " I know man, its great!" I said putting my arm around him and walking back to the table.





         Marisa's POV:

This was the perfect way to kick off a great trip!  The boys paid for Anna and I and we all walked together to the door. Anna and I thanked them gave them hugs then were about to walk out when Harry stopped us and asked,

           " Is there anything you guys would like us to help you with? Perhaps    

           directions or anything?"

            I smiled and said,

           " Thank god you asked me that!  I really need help finding our


They all laughed and asked for the name. I showed them the card of the apartment and they instantly knew it!

          " I can drive you both to it if you'd like me to." Harry offered.

         " Oh thank you so much but you really don't need to go out of your  

          way to help us.”

         " We wouldn't be going out of our way. Louis could drive my car and

          Niall could take his car. It's easy. Really."

I could see how much he really wanted to help and I knew we needed it. I handed him the keys and we walked out. I was standing next to Niall and when we all walked out there were cameras everywhere. Microphones were pushed into the boys’ faces

          " Who is she Niall?"

          "  Are y'all dating?"

          " What's her name?"

…. I knew it wasn't a smart idea but all the cameras kind of freaked me out so I moved a bit closer to Niall. I showed Harry our car then watched Niall and the rest of the boys walk to their cars. They were going to follow us to our flat. I was so excited! In the car Harry started a conversation.

          " So... How long are you guys going to be here?" I was on the phone with my mom so Anna answered

           " Only a month" Anna told him.

           " Oh that sounds like loads of fun! You have so much to see!" Harry said. It went silent in the car as I hung up with my mom!

          " Okay mom. I know. I will. Yes mom. I love you too. Bye!"

Harry was giggling so I playfully punched him in the arm and he sarcastically acted as if I had really hurt him and I let out a loud laugh.

          "What's so funny Harry?” I asked him.

          " Nothing." he replied with a sneaky little smile and a laugh. I giggle

         " Whatever." We listened to music and talked the way to our flat.

It was not as close as I had thought but it wasn't far.

          " Here we are!" Harry announced as he pulled up to a big beautiful building. As I walked out of the car two cars pulled up behind our car and parked. The other boys walked out and came to the trunk where I was standing struggling to get my suitcases out. Niall walked up behind me and grabbed my suitcase.

           " Here let me help you." They all grabbed our bags and walked them up to our flat.

          " Thank you so much!" I said to all of them

          "Yeah guys thanks!" Anna said

          " Hey I was thinking that if you all weren't doing anything tomorrow

          evening, we could show you around London and we could get dinner

          or something?" Liam offered.

I quickly accepted his offer. I couldn't wait.





Liam's POV:

I thought I would ask them to go out tomorrow to help Niall get to know Marisa better. When I proposed the idea in the car Niall thought it was brilliant and immediately agreed to do it and I had never seen him more excited.

          " That sounds so amazing, Liam. " Marisa said right when I finished then her glanced at Niall. Anna nodded and agreed it sound good.

          " Alright then so after the studio we'll call you.”

I gave my number to Anna. Niall walked to Marisa and put his number in her phone.

          " Thanks again guys! Y'all have been so amazing! See you tomorrow" Marisa said smiling. We walked to the door and she let us out. We all talked as we walked back to our cars. Me and the boys were all very excited.





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