Lovely Lies

You'll have to read to find out


1. The Day I First Met You!!

Hallie's P.O.V

I awoke to feeling a warm body next to me,then I seen some boy I never met before laying next to me. I shook the boy to wake him up, when he woke up he just looked at me with a smile on his face. Who the hell are you I asked, he laughed and responded with Jake you don't remember me Hallie. I shook my head and said no, well you were pretty drunk last night Jake said.

Wait so I?


Kay good then why are you here? "

I met you at a party last night and I seen you drinking I could tell you were wasted by the end of the party so I drove you home and you told me to come inside and watch a movie with you so I guess we fell asleep"  

Okay so I don't even know you and your at my house sleeping with me okay weird.

"well I'll get going

Wait don't leave please stay I ask, Why?? he asks. Because I meet a hot  boy I slept with and I wanna get to know him, okay I'll stay ,he says. So Hallie I'm 19, from Dallas, I interested in this hot girl I met yesterday her names Hallie, anything else? O yea my names Jake. Okay how bout we play a game "Blow And Kiss" but if the card falls on you tell me something about you and same for me instead of the kiss? Deal!! Jake says. After a bunch of questions I knew alot of things like: Jake's mom died when he was four and his dad put him in a foster home, he just moved out of his foster family a year ago, he has a sister and brother that were sent to different foster homes then him. Now what he knows about me...

A/V  Hope you guys like it so far this is my first romance story, if you have any ideas post below and hope you guys like it and I have school so I'm busy so I'll publish when I can..

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