Raiders of the future

During the school holidays , Jack Walker had to go on a camping trip to Isle of White with his mum Lucy and his mum's boyfriend Dylan . Only one problem , Jack hates Dylan , Dylan is a kind man but Jack doesnt the way Dylan used to treat his mum.
On the camping trip Dylan and Jack had a row because Dylan lost Lucy's braclet and blamed it on Jack. Jack ran in to the woods crying and didnt realise what laided ahead for him .......


1. The past

Thousands and thousands of years ago , Elizabeth Scouter , the Girl of time , made a time hole in the ground which inside , holds what only one can see . That is the future of a million years in time but only the great great great great great great grandson of her daughter can see this hole .


The hole will capture every living thing on the planet that enters it . Enter this book if you dare .......... 

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