Stole My Heart

Cat is just your average American girl who decides to move to London with one of her best friends Mairead. While settling into her new home she runs into the five cheeky band members of One Direction. As Cat and Mairead start to become close friends with the boys will Cat start to change the way she feels about some of the boys? This could change her friendships with some of them forever.


1. The beginning


I got out of the taxi and started heading to the back of the car to get my luggage. For a second I looked up at the big building that was now my home. I didn’t have to many suitcases since most of my stuff had been already shipped to my new flat. I was so excited to finally move on my own from New York to London. I couldn’t believe it was all happening. I put my last suitcase on the sidewalk, paid my driver and started heading up to my flat on the third floor.

The flat wasn’t too big, but then again I wasn’t expecting to be staying in Buckingham Palace. I walked in and saw Mairead, my roommate. She had been one of my best friends since we were 15. Mairead is about 5’3, slim, with brown eyes and has straight, light brown, hair that went just past her shoulders. I on the other hand was 5’4, with green eyes and long reddish, blonde hair. I looked like your average 18-year-old girl, nothing special. I was always kind of invisible in school and everything.

“Hey Cat, can you help me unpack some of these boxes?” Mairead started saying to me since I was just staring into space.

            I only had to unpack the small stupid things like pillows, blankets, pictures and things like that so it wasn’t to bad. Mairead had already done a good amount of unpacking along with the men who delivered our furniture. The rooms were starting to look pretty nice if I do say so myself.

“Mairead what are we doing for dinner?” I noticed that my stomach was making weird noises since I was hungry and I highly doubt that there is any food in the house yet.

“I have no idea.” She said laughing.

“Lets go out to eat. I’m so hungry!”

“Okay! There is this Chinese restaurant down the street that looks pretty good. We might as well just go there.”

            We headed outside and started walking down the street to the restaurant. It was the end of August so it was still pretty warm outside. It only took us a minute to get to where we were going since the restaurant was on the corner of the street. As we walked inside I couldn’t help but notice a table with 5 boys who looked around our age, maybe a year or two older. They were all pretty loud and laughing but everyone else seemed to ignore them. There weren’t many people in the place anyway since it was around 9 on a Tuesday night. Most people had work and school in the morning.

            Our waitress brought us to our table, which was a table away from the 5 boys. We sat down and I got a better look at them. One had brown curly, hair, another had jet-black hair that was gelled up in sort of a fo-hawk kind of look. Another boy had shorter, light brown curly hair and the one sitting next to him had straight brown hair. The last boy had amazing blonde hair and he was pretty cute if I do say so myself. Don’t get me wrong, the other boys were nice to look at too, but thee was something about this blonde haired boy. Mairead and I started looking through our menus and talking about how our flights were and everything. We started joking around to.

“Oh my god! Don’t look now but that blonde kid is looking at you!” Mairead whispered to me.

“Crap!” I half scream

I, being the idiot I am glanced over for a second and the boy. He was just staring at me. No smile, no frown, just a blank expression on his face.

“He defiantly thinks there is something wrong with me. That’s why he’s looking at me.” I whispered back.

“You don’t know that for sure. Not everything is wrong with you.” Mairead said laughing hysterically to herself.

I started laughing too. “Haha very funny.” I said sarcastically.

We ate our food, which was really good. I would defiantly be coming back here often. I ignored the blonde hair kid for the rest of the night and enjoyed myself. Once we split the bill I glanced back over to the table where those 5, crazy guys were and the table was empty. They must have left while I wasn’t paying attention.

“Hey, your boyfriend left.” Mairead said, cracking another joke.

“He is not my boyfriend!” I said defensively

“Um, there was chemistry there. I could tell. And by the way, you’re not very good at hiding when you like a guy since your face turns red.”

Just great. I turned red in front of him?! This could not get any worse. Why does it have to be so obvious when I like someone. I tried to forget about the whole thing as we started walking back to our flat. I mean what were the chances that I would actually see this kid again?

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