The Hunger Games IV: A Wrinkle in Time

The Hunger Games IV is the story of what happens after The Mockingjay and how our heroes lives are turned around by the black magic of President Snow's Grandaughter, Rosaline. To avenge her father she uses magic to travel back in time to the reaping of the 74th Hunger Games and altered the odds so that Katniss and friends must face the danger of the games and rebellion all over again. This time it won't be nearly as easy as before. Katniss and Peeta must face off against both their old foes and new once such as a resurected vampire Prim, werewolf careers, and worst of all Rosaline. However they don't just do it alone they have the help of old friends and new such as Librea Haze, Aeon, and Thornburn. Will they be able to survive the games again and start another rebellion or will they fall to their new enemies? Whatever happens the odds are definately not in their favor.


1. Life after the rebellion(Katniss' sorrow)

Katniss new she should of been happier.  But why wasn't she?  This question went through her head time and time again.  It had been seven years since the rebellion, but the images still flashed through her mind.  Of Finnick, of Cenna, of many of her friends, but worst of all of Prim.

  "It should of been me," she screamed one summers night, "It was my job to protect her, why did I have to fail?"  She burst out into the familiar tears.  She found that she missed her pre- rebellion life.  Then she had hope.  Hope acompanied by fear.  But still hoped her life could be different.  She missed Her mother.  She missed Prim.  She missed hunting illegally to feed her family.  She even missed Gale.  The friendship they once had was replaced by hate, but she still had a small part of her.  Deep in the dark corner of her heart that wanted him back.  Her husband Peeta then walked into the room and embraced her. 

  "Thnking about it again?" He said.

  "I can't forget it.  I try and I try. But I can't.  There are times I wish I could go back and change things.  I know it's foolish, but I'm just not happy."  

   "I know I miss them too."

   "Every detail is just so vivid in my mind.  Finnick's sea green eyes.  Lady Licking Prim's cheek.  What Cinna could do with silk.  I just can't forget."

   "It is what it is" Peeta said. "There's no changeing the past."

   "If only I could." Katniss lamented.  

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