Our Three Years

Harry Styles fanfic. Want more? Read it.
This is my first fanfic, so any comments would be appreciated.


2. Chapter 2

Harry's POV 
 Oh god. One year? That has to be some mistake. I run after Adriana, but the hospital has multiple hallways that lead everywhere. I ask around after a few minutes to see if anyone has seen her. One nurse told me she saw her on the west side of the hospital. I finally find Adriana, sitting in a waiting room, probably crying harder than she ever has before. I take the chair beside her's and she automatically leans her head on my shoulder. I stroke her hair and rub circles on her back. Nothing seems to be working. I start singing her favourite song, Breakeven by The Script, softly in her ear. She calms down a bit and looks into my eyes, we both have green eyes. The deep, intense kind. "Harry, what am I going to do?" she says, between sobs. "You know what your going to do? Your going to fight this cancer as best as you can. Who says miracles don't exist. You could beat this cancer.." I tell her, hoping she'll believe me. "Harry, it's terminal!" she says, "That means I won't beat the cancer! I'm just going to die..". I never really thought of that untill now.. that she's going to..die. Her face is streaked with tears, and her mascara is smudged a bit. I wipe away the tears on her face, and say, "Okay, well remember that bucket list we wrote together, and kinda started doing it?". "Yeah?" she says. "Well, in the one year we have, we're going to complete it, okay?". There's a frightening silence, as my words are suspended in the air. I hold my breath in those few seconds, afraid of the response. "..I would love that" Adriana says, trying at a smile. I kiss her, and a nurse that was walking by stops and says "aww".  Between breaths, I say, "Jump" and she puts one leg on either side of me. We walk outside to my car, the papparazi start asking us questions, but I ignore them and sit in the back seat of my car, still kissing Adriana. "I love you" I say, breathless. "I love you more, Harry" 

 Adriana's POV

 I start thinking about how bad life was two years ago, untill I met Harry, then my whole life turned around

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