Our Three Years

Harry Styles fanfic. Want more? Read it.
This is my first fanfic, so any comments would be appreciated.


1. Chapter 1

"I'll leave you two for a few minutes to talk" the doctor says. 'Cancer', the word echoes through my head. I didn't hear much of what the doctor said but he'll probably repeat himself again. I try to keep myself together but I fail as I feel Harry's arm wrap around my waist. The tears come down before I even get a chance to stop them. "Hey Adri?" Harry whispers. "Yeah?" I mumble between tears. "Are.. you okay?" he says. I look into his eyes and I can tell he's holding back tears. Am I okay? I just found out that I have cancer. My life was as perfect as it could be. I was dating Harry Styles and in about 3 months I would've started a part-time modeling ad acting job. "Harry.. I don't know. Does that make sense?" I tell him. "Perfect sense" he says, kissing me lightly on the lips. The doctor walks in then and leads us to his office. 
 "So, Adriana. You look like you are taking this pretty well" the doctor says. Yeah, right, I think, wait till everything sinks in. There will be plenty of tears, guaranteed. "So. Starting tomorrow, you'll start treatment. And you'll be in the hospital for about 2 weeks. Then you'll go home, and you won't be able to do much because you'll feel very sick from the treatment" he says. "How long will I have untill the cancer might go away" I ask. Me and Harry look at eachother worridly. "Oh, I'm afraid that it's terminal cancer, so it won't go away" the doctor answers, looking down at his papers. I choke, then I start crying and I run out of the room. "How long goes she have?" Harry asks. 
"One year atleast". 


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