"Let Me Love You"

Niall James Horan met Vanessa Cormier about 3 months ago. It was love at first sight for both of them, but as they grow deeper in love they learn secrets about each others lives that may change their relationship. Niall is part of a band called One Direction and has a crazy, hectic life including his family. While Vanessa is a high school student trying to figure out what to do after she completes her senior year. Not to mention her dad is in the Air Force and every time he gets deported his relationship with his wife grows further apart, her mom is a work-a-holic, and her sister is, well, Anne..........Will they find a way to work around their conflicts or will they end up paying for their new love?


7. Moving in.....

Niall's P.O.V

It's been 3 weeks since Vanessa got the news about her dad. We have been stronger than ever. The funeral already occured and the police caughtthe guy who shot her dad. Apparently it was one of his high school rivals. He was sentenced the life in jail-and he was sued for 1,000,000 dollars. But on a good note, today Vanessa is moving in with me. We just finished packing up at her place. Her mom gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Anne smiled and gave her a hug. We got in my car and headed to my place. Along the ride, we talked about how excited we were to finally be moving in together. Vanessa is starting classes at Columbia this weekend. Her first class is tomorrow morning. She is overly excited.

Our lives are finally working out now, and they are back on track. The boys and I are having signings for the next month here in New York. Then we go on tour in england, but i will get to talk to V over internet and phones:) We get to my place and we unpack her dishes first. My appartment could use a little decoration so i'm glad her plates are turquise. We, then unpack her bathroom stuff. Then go into the bedroom, and unpack all of her clothes. After we are done unpacking, we head to Lowe's and pick out paint. Burgendy-living room and kitchen, green-bedroom (goes with our leaf bed spread), and the bathroom is white with colored accents.

Once everything is done, we cook fish and chips for dinner and watch a movie. Once it's over we head to bed at 11:30, because we both have to get up early tomorrow morning. V undresses into a bra and under wear and i get into bed with a pair of sweatpants on. She scoots her back up o me, and we cuddle then quickly fall asleep.


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