"Let Me Love You"

Niall James Horan met Vanessa Cormier about 3 months ago. It was love at first sight for both of them, but as they grow deeper in love they learn secrets about each others lives that may change their relationship. Niall is part of a band called One Direction and has a crazy, hectic life including his family. While Vanessa is a high school student trying to figure out what to do after she completes her senior year. Not to mention her dad is in the Air Force and every time he gets deported his relationship with his wife grows further apart, her mom is a work-a-holic, and her sister is, well, Anne..........Will they find a way to work around their conflicts or will they end up paying for their new love?


1. Niall and Vanessa

                        " I've been waiting for a girl like you to come around."

                                           -Stole my Heart


                "Beep, beep, beep." Vanessa's alarm clock sounds at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. Vanessa slapped the snooze, "What time is it? Ughh, what day is it?!" Vanessa moans angrily. When she sees the clock she realizes what day it. Sure it's a Saturday but today is the day that she , Vanessa Alexandria Cormier, is going on her frst date with the love of her life.

                  Niall James Horan. She and Niall met a couple of months ago at a local mall in Mullingar, Weastmeath, Ireland. Vanessa was there on a trip with her friend, Averline, having a break from her family. Niall was shopping with his friend Louis Tomlinson (Niall's hometown is in Ireland).  They met when they literally bumped into each other in one of the shops. But, that's a different story. Vanessa raced out of bed, and went into the bathroom. She looked at her complection in the mirror with surprise. After deciding to wash the left over eye liner and sleeps out of her eyes, she turns on the shower to half way past hot, just how she likes it, and steps in.

                  She lathers her hair in 2 coats of shampoo, rinses it out and does the same with the conditioner. When sh steps out of the shower she dries off, changes into comfy shorts and a tank top, then blow dries her hair and goes over to her closet to pick an outfit. When she opens her closet, she is bombarded with old clothes that don't look like they fit anymore. "Mom!" she yells across the hall "I have nothing to wear!" she complains. "I'm sure you have something! We just got you new clothes last month!" her mom yells back. " Well, that was last month!" "NO! For the last time we will get clothes the last week of summer, you only have to wait 2 more weeks!" Vanessa's mom replies. 

                   She walks into Vanessa's room. " I have to go to work now, I will probably be home after 10 p.m., so don't wait up. Make sure you and Anne get dinner and wake Anne up." she kisses Vanessa's forehead. After her mom shuts her bedroom door, Vanessa turns back to her closet. "Great. Time to hate everything in my closet. I guess I will have to choose something from Junior year then."

              After pulling three outfits, a pair of skinny's with a british flag tee-shirt and red flats, a pair of bootcuff jeans with a 'I love NY.' tee-shirt from Chorus and converse, and a pink lacey dress with gold ballet flats; she goes through all of them and regects about every piece.

                     "That's too fan girl-y..." she says about the british flag outfit. "That's too dressed down!" she remarks about the bootcuff jeans with converse. "This is still cute...." she says about the light, pink, lacey dress with gold ballet flats. She changes into her outfit then goes over to her dresser and does her make-up. She decides to go with a gold-based eye shadow and baby pink lip gloss.

                     She checks herself in the mirror and goes downstairs. As she walks into the kitchen, her sister sleepily walks down the stairs. "Hey sleepy head! You finally decided to get up?" Vanessa askes. "Stop! I amgettingfood then going back to bed." Anne protests. "Uh Huh. How late did yu stay up last night?" Vanessa askes. "3 a.m........it was Facebook!" Anne protests.

                      "Anyways what time does Niall come to pick you up?" she counter-askes. "Noon. We are having a picnic at the lake." Vanessa says excitedly. "Cool, tell him I said 'hey'. I'm going back to bed." Anne replies.

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