Hoping he remembers me.πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸŒŸ

You won't believe this but when I was young about 11 years old I got to be friends with one direction... It was a really good memory and I just can't believe that my best buddies are famous now.. I haven't contacted them or talk to them or communicate with them I don't really have time plus I don't have their phone numbers and there's no way I can contact with them.. It's been a long time ago and I don't know if they still remember me. I really wanna meet them and talk to them and do everything with them especially Harry.. His my closest friends of all of them.. Do they still remember me? Does Harry still know me?....


1. 7 years agoπŸŒŸπŸ’—

I woke up in the morning. My window was open. The sun is shining right into my face. My mom probably opened it again. She always does that everyday. I don't know why. I went downstairs to eat breakfast. I had cereal and pour milk into it. I opened the fridge and I got some chocolates. Even though chocolates are not for breakfast! My sister Kimberly was in the couch listening to her iPod. She always does that everyday and eventually no one can stop her. She's 13 years old. Even though she's in high school she's still acts like a kindergartner. The doorbell rang and I opened the door. My friends Harry Niall and Louis were here. I said " hey guys!." Niall said " hi Carrie!." Louis said " hey Kimberly!." Kimberly said raising her eyebrow up" stop it Louis! You're annoying!." Louis likes Kimberly. He's always teasing her and it's kind of weird. I said " so where is Liam and Zayn?." Harry said " well.. They were heading to Green Plant Beach then they were probably there still." I said " they went to Green Plant Beach?." Harry said " yes they did." I said " wait I thought zayns mom warned him to not go to there." Harry said " well..yeah she did but u know Zayn. He might be quiet and mysterious but he can be pretty sneaky and u know." I said "oh yes I do." Niall said " you guys up for some summer games?." I said " no I got nothing." Harry said " oh c'mon Carrie! I know you got something in your head but you just don't wanna say it! C'mon Carrie tell us!." Louis said " yeah Carrie tell us! Don't be a big baby!." I exclaimed " I AM NOT A BABY!." Harry said " Louis! You are the oldest here and you are the one who's acting like a little boy." I said " yeah that's why Kimberly and him just need to get married." Louis said " I DO!." I said " what?." Louis said " oh just practicing what I'm gonna say when me and Kimberly had our wedding." Kimberly blurted out " FOR THE LAST TIME LOUIS THAT IS GONNA HAPPEN!." Kimberly ran upstairs to her bedroom. Niall said " so?." I said " well I seriously don't know what to do but we can go surfing." Louis screamed " SURFING!!! LETS GO!'." I said " wow Louis full of energy!." Harry said " yeah it sounds like its the first time I saw it." I said " lets go guys! We went into the beach. We were on the same beach where Liam and Zayn were. I went into the bathroom and changed into my shorts and my t shirt for surfing. The boys just had their short on and no shirts. It feels kinda weird. So anyway we went surfing. It was really fun and we had some little problems about it coz when I was catching a wave Niall was surfing right into me and I actually bumped onto the water. Good thing there were a lot of water but it's pretty bad actually. I wasn't hurt or anything it's just that I got dropped on the water. After surfing, i went into the smoothie shop to buy a glass of smoothie. I saw Liam laying down in the sand. He was pretty tired. I wonder how. I saw Zayn also laying down on the sand and sleeping too. And WHAT! I saw Louis Harry and Niall throwing sands on each other. I sighed. I was hoping they won't notice me that I'm here coz they will totally include me of their crazy games. Harry saw me. He said " hey Carrie wanna play sand throwing with us?." I quickly said " NO! Niall said " oh c'mon it's fun trust me!." Louis threw sands on me and it went onto my smoothie too. I said " what?." Louis said " I'm so sorry Carrie about the smoothie.." I said " it's ok I'm fine." Louis said " no I was talking about the smoothie." I made a mad look on Louis. Louis quickly said " gotta go!." then he ran. Harry said " I'm so sorry Carrie if you want another smoothie I could buy you one." I said " no I'm fine thanks." Harry smiled at me. I said " awww look at those dimples." Harry laughed. It was sunset and we really need to go home right away! Our parents probably are worried now! My parents are so protective on me and I just hate it! My curfew hour is 5:00pm and its 4:45 right now! I hate curfews! My friends don't have curfews. WHY DO I HAVE TO?!! Kimberly doesn't have curfews! Oh well.. Me and my friends got home. Then my parents were not that worried coz I got home in time! Whew! I went to sleep.
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