Murder in the girls bathroom.

Amanda Springs, best friend of Geraldine Williams and girlfriend of Frank Bell has was found by her sister, Amelia Springs swinging from a noose. A funeral was held, everyone cried, their was an assembly to address the problem and just as everyone's getting into their normal lives- their is another suicide.
Tegan Hamandale is lover to the second victim and is suspicious to if these deaths are really by choice- Caroline had no reason to kill herself . Soon the whole school will be in shambles and it's up to Tegan to solve it before it gets out of hand.


1. Not so clean slate.

Tegan held hands with Caroline while heading to drama, Amelia was a new first year and had tagged along with them. She had said her sister had left to talk to someone and she got lost, so they, being their amazing selves had escorted her to the bathroom. It was a the safest place to drop off a little girl with a little bladder, right?


The girl smiled as she left their sides and went into the bathroom, they had stayed seconds before starting again for drama. And then they heard it, the sound that changed both of their lives. Amelia's scream burst though the door quicker than a bullet and Caroline rushed in.

Sprawled across the floor like a rag doll that had been tossed, Amelia had a twisted and horrified expression. Caroline had crouched next to the girl and inspected her, hushing her with mean less nothings. Tegan had walked half-way into the bathroom before backing up into the sink, staring inside the stalls.

Inside, suspended above the toilet bowl was Amanda Springs. Her eyes were white and pierced with red veins. One shoe had fallen off before she had hung herself and Tegan scanned her. Caroline was still oblivious hugging the shaking child.

"What have you got in you hands Amelia?" She had asked, holding her pale and clasped hands. It just turned out Tegan had just turned her head at the moment the girl's hands had opened, blood- that was the first thing the teens had seen and then something much worst. Another hand. Not her's though, her sister's. 

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