Alice, Jake and the evil vampire

This is about a teen girl called Alice.Her mother die's in a car crash and alice starts having nightmares.She goes to live with her grandfather Billy and get a shock.Jake an extremly good looking teenager works for her grandfather and live with him and Jakes sister Emily is getting bullied in school but doesnt tell her brother.But there are bigger things happening a evil vampire wants Alice.Will he get her or will a shining knight come to save her.Jake also has a big secret


1. The meeting

My mum died in a car crash just a week ago.My dad wasn't here because when my mum found out she was pregnant with me, he ran the first chance he got.He never sent cards, presents or postcards to me and never visited me. I've talked to him twice over the phone in ten years.At first when my mum had told me the truth about my dad, i was heart broken.I cried all the time and asked my mum why he doesn't love me.But after a while i relaised that shouldn't matter and that he's the one missing out.
The day i went to my mums funeral i cried the whole way through.I went with my best friend Terri and her parents.There was over fifty people there, my mum knew alot of people.They all come over to me and said what a loving person she was and said sorry for your loss.
I got a phone call before the funeral, it was my grandfather.He said i have to go and live with him, until i finish high school.I said i was old enough to live by myself or live at Terri's but he wouldn't have it.So tomorrow would be the day i go on a plane and live with my grandfather in Greycliff. I never heard of Greycliff but by the sound of it, it sounds like a miserable place to live.


I brushed my teeth and washed my face.I turned my big light off and switched my little bedside lamp on.Climbing into my soft bed, i snuggled in.And drifted into a deep sleep.Forgetting how shit my life will be without my mum for a while.


I was standing in the doorway of a run-down house in the middle of the woods.It was dull and wallpaper shreaded off the walls.The wood smelt rotton and damp.When i walked a few steps the wooden floor boards creaked.
Then suddenly there was a girl at the top of the stairs.The girl had dark green eyes and long dark hair, that went passed her hips.She wore a light pink dress and white flat shoes.She was frowning and her eyes were red like she had been crying.
"Hello." i said.I was starting to get scared even though she was only seven years old, it not like she can do anything to me.She slowly walked down the stairs, leaving creaking noises behind her echoing.
"Hello." I said again.Nothing.She didn't even blink her eyes.She slowly moved down the stairs not watching where she was going.
She stopped just shy in front of me.She was holding a scruffy brown bear.
The was a teenager crouched on the top banister of the stairs.He had cropped black hair and dark eyes.He wore all black.I glanced at the girl in front of me.She was lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood.Her stomach was split open with her guts spilled open.
The teenager who was on the banister was now beside me.He was tall.He turned his face to me and i saw he had fangs, that had blood on the ends of them.In one swift movement he crouched next to the dead little girl stuck his hand in her stomach  the crunch of her rib bones being pushed apart made me want to vomit. he pulled his blood soaked hand out and was holding her heart.And sank his fangs into the heart...Everything went pitch black.

I woke up, drenched in sweat.My hair was stuck to my face.I looked at the clock that hung straight in front of me on the wall.It was twelve o'clock.I had some weird dreams but never experienced one like that.I went to the bathroom and took a hot shower and try to forget that horrific nightmare.
I had my suitcase packed and everything ready.But i still couldn't believe i was going to leave my home.The place i grew up in.The place that holds secrets me and only my mother would share. I've cried in this house and laughed.This is the place where my heart and soul is meant to stay, but if i did so...It would remind me of my mum.The woman who gave me my life.And the woman who's live ended tragically.She wasn't meant to die.


I've only been on a plane once and that was when i went to Florida with my mum.I nearly threw up on the way back and i hated being sick.So when i settled in my seat, i was hoping my stomach wouldn't give way.I was next to the window, which i was happy about but unfortunately behind me sat a spiked-haired boy who happened to enjoy kicking the back of my seat.After an hour of that wrenched boy kicking my seat, i turned round and ask his parent to tell their him off.And it worked, his dad shouted at him.I felt sorry for the kid because he was close to tears but life isn't easy.

Car park

I walked to the car park with my suitcase and came head first into somebody.I was too busy thinking about what the school might be like in Greycliff.
"Sorry." I blurted out.I looked up to see a guy about my age or closer to seventeen.He had dark brown hair and blue eyes.He had a bit of stubble on his chin as well.He had an amazing smile.
"Hey." His voice was husky deep voice.He wore a black T-shirt that had a skull on it and black jeans.
"Mmm...Hi." I walked around him my face felt like it was on fire.I sat on a bench and slung my suitcase beside me.I got my cell phone from my pocket.I rang my grandfather.
He picked up on the first ring."Hello."
"Hey its me, im in the car park,where are you?"
"Oh im not picking you up from the car park."
"What do you mean?"
"A friend of mine is picking you up.I'll ring him and tell him your in the car park, okay?"
I sighed "Ok."

Why does he make things difficult?

I was waiting for an hour in the car park and i was steaming with anger.If i doesn't show up in 10 minutes, im going to walk all the way to my grandfathers.I was tired and hungry, so i went to the cafe down the road of the small town.
The cafe smelt amazing and i went to a booth at the end of the cafe,far away from all the poeple. A waitress came over to take my order and i ordered a turkey sandwich and a can of cola.Then the cute guy who i bumped into at the car park came in with my grandfather.They didn't see me and went to sit on the stools and ordered two cups of tea.What was the cute guy doing with my grandfather?Was the cute guy meant to pick me up?
I heard them talking.
"I don't understand she said she was in the car park?" said my grandfather.He gulped some of the hot tea.
"Well i don't know.I waited there for an hour and tried to look for her.You said to look for a girl with black hair and grey eyes."
I walked over and tapped on my grandfather's shoulder.
He looked shocked.And so did the cute guy.
"Where have you been." Asked my grandfather.
"I was waiting in the car park for an hour."i said and turned to the cute guy."And i think your friend needs glasses because he did see me because i bumped into him."

At the cafe we sorted it out as a silly mistake.And as it turns out the cute guy called Jake helps my grandfather with stuff around the house that needs fixing in exchange so Jake and his little sister can live with my grandfather.Jake and his little sister Sophie have nowhere to live because their parents were murdered  The police never found out who killed their parents.After their loss, Jake got into some trouble.He got into a gang and got a tattoo of a snake wrapped around a sword on his arm.


I was in the back seat of my grandfather's truck.Jake drove and billy, my grandfather sat next to him with the window rolled down.We went passed Billy house which was strange.
"Where are we going?" I asked nervously.
Jake answered before Billy could.
"I just need to pick up my sister from school first."
We got to the school and Jake went to collect his sister.I saw them in the distance Jake's sister was pretty, she looked about six with blonde short hair and dark blue eyes.Jake carried her pink backpack and i heard Jake asking about her day.She started talking about how art class was and stopped when she saw me.Jake helped her in the truck and said "This is Billy's granddaughter remember, she going to be living with us."
She was smiling and looked at me and said "Your pretty."
I felt myself smile and said "Thank you.You are too."
"Im Emily." She said her voice happy and amused.
"Im Alice." I said.My phone buzzed, it was a text from Terri.
Jake put Emily's backpack next to her and went to the drivers seat.Jake switched on the radio.
I ignored my phone and just check it later.Emily was still looking at me and fanily said "Have you got a boyfriend?"
Now that surprised me and Jake stopped the truck.Billy turned round and said"I'm popping into the shop for two minutes."
There was Emily,Jake and me left in the truck.I turned to her and said "No.Why?"Heat rising to my face.
Emily said"Because Billy showed a picture of you to Jake and Jake said you were beautiful."
I couldn't help but laugh.Jake turned round to look at us and he gave Emily a stern look and said "ignore her."
Billy came back and hopped in the truck.


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