My Dream

Going to New Hampshire College and all the hookups amd breakups with heartbreaks


1. Just the beginning

When i got there i hooked up with this guy, Danny. And it didnt last long. After tht i hooked up wit this other guy, Zayn, and was going very well. We went to the movies, wit my friend, Isabell, also, and he almost put his arm around me but i moved because i culdnt see the screen that well, and he stayed there with my Isabell. Thats were things kinda went wrong. The next day my Danny, his gf, Zayn, and Isabell were all sittin at the picnic table talking and a nerd, Rick, who has a crush on me, came up to us and started talking to us. Zayn told me to tell him to bug off. I did and Rick ran away. I was feeling like my relationship wit Zayn hasnt been going great so I decided to make him jealous. Zayn works at the food truck and Rick and his friends sit at a table behind the truck. So I went up to him and flirted kinda wit him. I told him that I didnt want him to go when he was at the table and that it was Zayn who wanted him to leave. I guess Zayn heard me say his name because he came out of the truck. When i saw Zayn i told Rick i was sorry and i wanted to repay him somehow, then i kissed him. Zayn ran out of the truck. I knew he was mad. Then 2 days later i saw him making out with Isabell behind a tree. I knew he was cheating on me but i wasnt cheating on him. I confronted her about it and she said she was so sorry and the only reason why they were kissing is because Zayn like asked her to be his gf. I told her it was my fault and that i would be ok with her dating him. The entire group didnt talk for a while after that. But then one day a new guy came and everyone called him spiderman. The guys were hanging out with him and he was the only single one and so was i. I asked him if we could talk and so i grabbed his wrist and took him behind a tree, the exact same tree were i found Zayn and my friend kissing, and i whispered do u think im cute he shook his head and then we kissed. Our group didnt notice us kissing. But then Zayn looked over in our direction and saw us kissing. He came over to us ripped us apart from eachother and said why are u kissing my girlfriend?! I was so shocked he said that and i said im not his gf we broke up. Spiderman and Zayn almost got into a fight, but then Isabell heard what Zayn said and came over crying and I gave her a hug and we both walked away hugging. We went to the picnic table and I told her what happened back there. She was like “OMIGOD u kissed spiderman!!!” I was like “ya y not?” “lol true” and we got up from the table and hugged. I asked her if she wanted to go back to Jersey with me. She said ya but just like over night for 1 day to forget about Zayn. We hopped on the bus I came in and the driver took us to the Jersey Shore. I said the beach should be relaxing and we can meet some cuter guys than Zayn, Spiderman, and Danny. And then we headed to te beach….
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