Your Life


1. Your Life


Your mother told me that you came into this life
at noon with all the excitement of
a growing boy expecting food.
You have never lost this appetite.
You have never missed a meal.
And having a meal without dessert
is a criminal offence in your world.

But your appetite is not restricted to your stomach.
Your biggest appetite is in your heart.
Your ears are open,
and every minute of every day,
you breathe in laughter as your lungs breathe air.
Someone else’s smile and laughter
is tastier than your mother’s homemade trifle.
Even if you won’t admit it.

I watch how you open your chest,
bearing everything you are to the world.
I can see how you always wear your heart on your sleeve,
as you reach out with your fingers spread wide
to grasp as much of life as you possibly can,
even if you only end up with cuts and bruises.
Even if you don’t want anyone to see.
Even if you especially don’t want me to see.

We dance beneath a sky that is
drunk on stars, as I am drunk on you.
This is life.
No cuts or bruises, only masses and masses
of laughter and smiles.
Your heart races as you breathe it in.
I wrap you in my arms
as you embrace life like a long lost brother.
This life is ours
and it is infinite.

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