Newsagent Girl (One Direction FanFiction)

*FINISHED* Avery Blue is just a normal 18 year old. She has a average job. Newsagent Girl. Lives on her own. Goes to school. But this average 18 year old is hiding a big secret. No one knows. No one ever will. What if a certain worldwide known boyband named... One Direction come along? Will the truth behind her last name be revealed? Zayn. He's now head over heels for Avery but she just rejects. What is the reason behind this? Find out 'coz the book is better than the blurb...


10. Truth or Dare


Harry's POV.

Ooooo... Avery... You don't know what's coming at you love.

"I dare you to-" As I started my dare, I was rudely interrupted by Niall.

"WAIT! Lets change it to... one truth, one dare." THAT IS A AMAZING IDEA NIALL!!!

"What the effin' 'ell is that?!" Avery asked. My eyes widened in shock. Had she actually, never, ever, played that game?! Well, this was gonna be fun.

"You have to do a truth and if we don't believe you.. you do a dare." Liam explained. I nodded, grinning slyly.   Avery nodded, nervously. I'm glad she's playing. She doesn't seem shy... but at the same time she does. I know.. I like just met her and all but I like... think we're gonna be pretty good friends.

Zayn shouldn't break her heart. It's already been broken. But when she told me about Derrick... I thought there was more I needed to know. That there was another reason she moved from Doncaster.

I wonder if Lou knew her...

"Okay... So... What's her question Haz?" Louis asked, throwing me out of my thoughts. I gave him a nasty glare. He backed away.

"Did you and Zayn... really... fuck?" I asked, curiously.

"What- NO!!!" She yelled.

"I don't believe you. On to the dare." She looked as if she was about to protest but she closed her mouth, sighing.


Avery's POV.


I knew he wouldn't believe me. Why would he. He just met me. But I have a feeling we're gonna be good friends. Now I'm onto the dare. THE FUCKING DARE. Evie said Harry was evil when it came to dares.

"I dare you to... pucker up 'coz your goin' in for a kiss with Lou!" He smirked. I froze. I do that a lot don't I?! Out of all things... He chose this! I would've fucked Zayn if he told me to! Okay... I exaggerated. I wouldn't of had sex with Zayn. Just 'coz... I'm not ready... You see... I'm still...a... virgin...

Yeah, I know people's eyes would've widened in shock. But I'm not a whore. I have respect for my self.

"WHAT?!" Louis, I and Zayn burst, shooting Harry glares. Please change the dare. Please... Please... Please... God, what have I ever done to you Lord?! I've never been bad... or asked for anything! Just this once! CHANGE THE DARE LORD!!!! Ple-

My thoughts were cut off.

"FIIINNNNEEEE.... I dare Avery to... let us stay here tonight... AND since she denied my first dare... she has to snog Zayn until she's outta breath. Hard, and passionately. Lets see how good of a kisser she is by eye.!" Harry changed the dare. My time to act. Look disgusted Avery. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Zayn lick his lips and wink at me.

Harry wants to see me kiss hard and passionate? Zayn wants to feel me kiss hard and passionate? 

Well... they were damn well gonna get what they wanted. I do not back away from dares. I got up and made my way to Zayn. Lifting him up by his collar, I clashed my lips onto his. He reacted immediately. Our lips were like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly on one another. My hands made their way to  the middle of his V-necked shirt. I pulled him closer, if it was possible.

I had to say, he was quite a kisser. The sparks were defiantly flying.

He pushed me lightly onto the wall, our lips still connected. I felt everyone's eyes burning into the side of me. I kissed- snogged him roughly but passionately. He licked my lips, asking for permission and I gladly let him in. 

"MAKE SURE YOU DON'T FUCK!" I heard Louis yell. I rolled my eyes under my closed eyelids. We pulled away, gasping for air.

That was the best kiss I've ever gave and had in return. He grinned down at me, his hand on the wall next to me and one wrapped around my waist. I smiled, pecking him on the lips.

"Ooooooooooo! That was some hard core kiss!" Niall commented from behind us.

"Wow... Avery.... That was the most roughest and passionate snog I've ever seen." Liam said.


But one comment got my ear.

"You've really changed haven't you?" 


















Heyya pineapples!!!!


And I cannot believe that there is loads of 12 year olds on this site!!! Thank you to the ones who are casually commenting 'MORE!' and 'Wow your an amazayn writer for a 12 year old!'

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Kay, as me being a author. I think you should know some random stuff about me.

1) I'm scared of vacuum cleaners. Since I was three.

2) I've supported the boys' since the X-Factor.

3) I LOVE Ben & Jerry's!!!

4) I HATE lying peeps.

5) I want my name to be Avery.


I will only be updating on Homework nights so I have a excuse to go on my laptop. I hope the A/N didn't disappoint you pineapples out there.



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