Olivia's diary

Hi I'm Olivia,a 17 year old girl,and this junk you are reading is my life. And believe it or not I just broke the record of spending the most boring summer in the history of boring summers,I'm not saying anything more I guess you'll just have to read.

Author's note:the guys from one direction aren't famous in this movella.


1. Introduction

Summer is almost over,and every year I think a summer vacation can't get any more boring,but every year I get proved I was wrong. 3 years ago I spent a whole month at a math camp during the summer vacation and I guess you figured out how enthusiastic it was,last summer was even worse,I went to this another camp thingy and when my mom saw the advertisement she thought this was perfect for me, she said that I would make really good friends and she was sure of it, but when I got there all I saw were a bunch of girls with fancy clothes on 24/7,and they looked like they dipped their faces in a pool of make up,and I ended up making more enemies than friends. And this year I spent the summer at my grandmas house in the village she thought me how to knit scarfs,and she told me everything I needed to know about cats,yup she was a cat lover.
Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself  I was busy telling you how much fun my summer was. I'm Olivia,I'm 17, I have chocolate brown eyes, and Long brow hair. 
And this junk you are reading is actually my life,and I'll tell you more about it as soon as I can...and for now this is all i can say...XOxo
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