Im really into you

Miranda had a pretty boring life.
until... Zayn started to go to her school.
you heard me. Zayn. Zayn Malik!!!
When she first saw him. it was like. the angels were crying. he was so... beautiful!
Will she fall for him? But they will never be together because Miranda is afraid of getting hurt.
But what happens when Zayn starts getting really into her?


1. First day of school!

Miranda's POV:

I woke up at my alarm clock buzzing. Shoot, its not even school yet, why is my alarm clock set. But then i remembered. Its my first day back to school! Oh my god! How could i forgot!! I got up and went to the bathroom, came out and that's when my phone called. It was katy, my bestie, she was calling on video call.

-Hi katesyy! what up? - I teased, She hated the name katesy.

-Ughhhh i cant believe you still call me that! Kay kay whatever. Soooo what are you wearing for first day?? - she asked .

-Ohmygosh you wouldnt believe i found this really cute piece at brendy mellvile it was so cool i couldnt pass it up! - I nearly screamed. hhaha.

-Really?? Show mee!!! - She yelled at me from excitment.

-Here it is. - I said as i was trying to fit the dress into the frame. It was a short shirt dress and it had a gorgeous flower print on it.

- Its so beautiful!!! I love it, really!

- And what are you wearing? - I asked, dying to know what amazing outfit she chose this time.

-Oh nothing, just my new super expensive J crew floral pants, white blouse from zara and black spiked litas!

-Awww so cute!!

-I know right?? Okay cutiebear i have to go get ready, see you in like 40 minutes!

-Bye katy! love you!

-Smooches! - She yelled right before i hung up.

I put on my dress, a jean jacket and white spiked litas that me and katy got together on our trip in NYC.

Then i brushed my hair, curled some of it with a curling iron and went straight to the kitchen do go get some breakfast really quick.

-Hello princess! - My dad greeted me with a kiss on the cheek.

-Hi daddy! - I kind of was a daddy's little girl still, but shhh! dont tell anyone!

-Your mum wanted me to make you some pancakes but...

- I know dad. you're not the best cook around here, but that's fine ill just it some toast. Oh and when is mum getting back? - I loved being around the house alone with dad, but i kinda missed mum.

- In 5 days honey! - Dad said with excitment!

-Oh great!

I quickly ate some toast and left the house.

Today was going to be a disaster. I hated school. Although i was popular, i still really hated high school. But whatever, its finally the LAST OFFICIAL YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL! yaaaay!!

I parked my car, walked inside the building, greeting everyone with hellos and hugs and kisses. Ugh, how i hate these people. 

Ewwww what's Adrianna Kreshen wearing, that's so last year. Ew.

I finally got to class and that's when i saw him.

There he was.

With his gorgeous face, and his perfectly done hair.

Zayn Malik.

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