Head Over Heels

Indie's life is relatively simple until Damon joins her class and she finds herself falling Head Over Heels. With the help of her best mate Amber, can she get him to notice her?


1. New Kid

Fractions. One of life's many tortures. It was 11 'o' clock and I was only halfway through my three (three, I tell you!) pages of maths. Lovely. Knock knock. I looked around the class looking for the culprit of "knocking underneath the table" trick before I realised that there was actually someone at the door. I looked up and let out a small groan. Our headteacher Mrs Smith was standing at the door looking around. My teacher, Miss Banks, looked up.

" Oh, hello Mrs Smith," she said politely. " What can I help you with?"

" Ah, hello Miss Banks, can I have a word?" Mrs Smith asked.

" Um, yeah sure," she replied. Mrs Smith smiled. Her smile was fake, like it was a mask. She had long brown hair and and blue eyes. She was wearing a pair of grey pinstripe trousers and a matching jacket. She had bottle green flat pumps on.

"I'll just be one second class, behave," Miss Banks instructed.

Miss Banks was young and pretty. She was wearing a dress and leggings and her blonde hair was pinned away from her face.

As soon as Miss Banks left the class the noise escalated. I turned around to look at my mate Amber.

"Ugh! Can school get any more boring?" I asked her.

" Unbelievable! We've had homework from every teacher today! It should be made illegal!" she complained.

Amber had beautiful dark skin. Her chocolate brown hair fell past her shoulders. She had chestnut brown eyes and she was tall and slim. She didn't need to try. She always looked good. My hair was long and blonde and swept into a fishtail plait. I had sky blue eyes and freckles. I was also tall and slim.

"Do you think we could get Miss Banks off the subject of maths?" Amber asked.

"Impossible," I replied.

"I'll ask Aaron," she said. " Oi Aaron!" she shouted. He turned around. Aaron was the class clown. He had dark brown hair and he was a keen football player.

"What is it Amber?" he asked.

" Do you think you could get Miss Banks off the subject of maths?" Amber asked him.

"Sure!" he replied confidently.

Aaron didn't even have a chance to get Miss Banks off the subject because she already had something to tell us.

"Class, we will have a new boy joining us tomorrow. He's called Damon and I expect you all to be nice to him," Miss Banks told us.

This could be interesting...

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