In the Course of a Lifetime (a One Direction fanfiction)

The boys are happily off tour for the winter, having some time to just be normal. Harry and Louis are getting.. Unusually friendly. Everything is fine. Until a cold night in December when the boys get trapped in the biggest mess of their lives.

(Book 1 of 3)


1. Sometimes

-No Ones POV-

Liam's eyes fluttered closed as the furnace kicked on, sputtering a breath of warm air. He snuggled into the couch and fell right asleep. Niall smiled at his older friend, laying a green, knitted blanket over the Wolverhampton boy.

Louis lay in the big chair, Harry curled up in his arms, both asleep. Zayn was sitting in front of the T.V. watching some old Christmas movie while the snow gracefully fluttered on outside. On the outskirts of London, lay a small cottage nessled in snow-capped pinetrees. Snow covered the ground in a cripst blanket of white. The boys were staying here for the entire winter. It was cold, but they never minded it.

-an hour and a half later-

Liam let out a soft groan and opened his eyes. "Niall.." He moaned pitifully, motioning him over. "You okay Li?" Niall asked, dropping his cookie back on the coffee table and quickly crossing the room to where Liam was laying.

"My stomach hurts.."

"Aww.." Niall frowned, climbing next to Liam on the couch. Liam rested his head on Niall's chest. Niall ran his fingers through his friends hair and humming a soft, sweet melody. Liam's eyes closed again, and soon he was back to sleep.

-Louis' POV-

Having woken up from my nap a few minutes before, I listened to Niall and Liam's small conversation, and watched their actions. Maybe sometime they would fall in love? I doubt it.. Liam still wasn't over Danielle, even though she was as sure as hell she was over him.

Danielle had cheated on Liam. She had turned into a real bitch, and the one time Liam couldn't go somewhere, she had a major hissy fit, turned around and slept with another guy, then broke up with Liam. Like I said, bitch. 100% pure bitch. But Liam doesn't think so, or maybe he doesn't want to think so. So I guess he's just gonna wait around forever. I guess he's too scared to step into the real world. I don't blame him. When Eleanor broke up with me, I cried for weeks. At least Liam doesn't cry anymore..he looks.. so.. sad.. lost.. helpless when he cries. It's like the entire world stops spinning and dies.

-No Ones POV-

Harry's eyes creaked open. Blurriness blinded his vision. A few blinks was all it took to make everything clear again. Niall and Liam were asleep on the couch. Niall was cuddling Liam, face nuzzled into his sandy coloured hair. Harry thought it was simply adorable. Zayn was asleep on the floor.

-Harry's POV-

I felt arms tighten around me. His arms. I looked up, beautiful blue-green eyes meeting my own two green ones. His eyes. A soft, warm smile appeared on their pink lips. His lips. "Boobear.." I breathed, unable to say anything more. "Heya Haz." He whispered, biting his bottom lip softly, as if to stop further words that tried oh-so desperatly to escape. I clamped my tounge between my teeth. Something about him just made me want to cry in joy. He was just so.. ugh.. perfect! I can't explain it! I can't handle it!

-Louis' POV-

I could read him like a book. Someone had him stuck in their web. Wonder who she is? "You okay Hazza?" I asked, cocking my head to the side a little. He just nodded. No way in hell was I going to believe his lie. He sighed and snuggled back into my chest. I wrapped my arms around him once again.

-Liam's POV-

I felt my stomach tighten up, then my whole body went numb. Wake up Liam! Now! I screamed at myself. I stiffened, then flinched, then stiffened, then flinched again in some sort of seizure-like motion.

-Niall's POV-

I felt movement on top of me. It was like someone was being violently shaken. I opened one of my bright blue eyes to see flailing, then stiffening, then flailing again. He was half beside me, half on me. I slid out from beneath him. "HARRY!" I screamed, watching Liam go stiff and then back to flailing. Tears streamed down my face and I screamed Harry's name again.

-Zayn's POV-

I heard Niall scream Harry's name, twice. He sounded scared. I immediantly sat up to see Niall standing in front of the couch, his face stamped in pure horror. Liam was on the couch, twitching and jerking his arms and legs. "FUCK!" I yelled, scrambling to my feet and running over to them. I took Liam by his arms and pulled him to the floor, laying him on his back.

-No Ones POV-

Harry's eyes shot open, hearing the commotion from Zayn and Niall. Liam was on a heap on the ground, stiff. "LOUIS!" Harry yelled, leaping up off his friends lap. Louis jumped up as well. "WHAT!?" He cried, clutching his heart.

"What's wrong with Liam!?" Zayn shouted.

Louis took one look at the boy, grabbed the car keys, and opened the door. "Harry, Zayn, get Liam in the car. Niall, get a few blankets!" He yelled as he ran outside and started the car, desperatly tapping on the dashboard.


(Sooo.. whatcha think?)

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