the wait

jessica and her best friend julia have been waiting to move to london ever since freshmen year in high school. But when they get there they find out that they have no where to stay! will they be saved by there two idols or will they be homeless in london??


6. As long as we're together

Julias POV:

When everyone left me, Jessica, Niall, and Harry were the last people there so we started walking towards their car. Since we came with aria and didn't have a car, so the boys offered to drive us home. I sat in front with Niall this time and Jessica adn Harry were in back;) When we started driving I turned the radio and started talking to Niall about everything. I turned around to tell Jessica something but her face was probably attached to Harry's face. I just laughed and told Niall to look and he couldn't stop laughing. When we got back to the flat Harry and jessica walked to Harry's room while making out, wow they were talented.

Nialls POV:

Harry locked him and Jessica in his room so I didn't want to know what was going on in there;) I looked at Julia and she looked uncomfortable in her dress so I took her to my room and gave her some sweats and a shirt. I thought she would go into the bathroom or make me turn around but she didn't mind me standing there looking at her. I couldnt do this, but to contain myself I just but my lip and went to the bath room. When I came back I couldn't find her anywhere, I wonder where she went. As I was walking out of the bathroom she jumped onto my back and we fell on my bed she kissed me and said " your it!" She ran out of my room and I just ran after her. We ran down the stairs since my room was upstairs and Harry's was right next to the stairs. When I caught up to her she was just standing by harrys door trying not to laugh her cute little butt of. I walked over and tried to say something but she shushed me so I just listened.

Julia's POV:

Jessica was making love with harry in there room!!!!! I tried so hard not to laugh, It just made me want to do that with Niall but I didn't want to start an awkward conversation about it so I just stopped thinking about it. Tuned back in to Jessica and Harry.

Nialls POV:

Harry was to busy to make me a sandwich but he isn't to busy to have sex! Oh well I don't need a sandwich anyways, my thoughts were intureupted by Jessica screaming " OH HARRY!!" on the top of her lungs then you could here Harry moan " not yet babe... Almost there." I couldn't believe Harry was doing this right now! He knows that I want to do that with Julia but she just isn't ready I guess. But right then Julia turned to me and brought me to my room? " Niall I don't know if it's just me but we have been going out for over four weeks now and I kinda wanna maybe.... " I cut her off by closing the door and bringing her to my bed and softly put her down.

Julia's POV:

Niall is so sweet. He kept kissing my neck trying to find my sweet spot. I let out a little moan, he found it. I felt him smile shown my neck and then he took of his and my shirt gosh his abs were so toned I couldn't help but stare. The he got down to his boxers and my underwear and bra. He must have saw me adn said " Julia, if you don't want this we can wait." " no Niall this is what I want." "ok, as long as we're together."

*your can make up what happens next;)*

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