One Direction-After I fall

Eighteen year old Madison Cooper had a recent break up with her boyfriend Spencer. Her heart was shattered. After being in a car accident, she meets One Direction. What will she do when more than one of the boys fall lor her? Will she tell them about her break-up with Spencer? Will they help her get over him? Read to find out. (May have some bad spelling or grammar or punctuation but that's why I'm writing this)


13. Niall & Maddie

Niall's POV

The boys and I knew that something was wrong with Louis. I got to hang out with Maddie while Zayn went to talk to him.

"Hey Maddie," I said shyly.

"Hi Niall," she said. She winked at me and I blushed.

"Aww Niall," she purred. "Are you blushing?" She giggled.

"N-no," I stuttered. "It's my Irish skin."

"Sure it is," she said. She winked at me. AGAIN!

I couldn't resist it. I leaned forward and kissed her.


Maddie's POV

Niall was kissing me. My arms snaked around his neck. My fingers tangled in his hair. His hands made their way to my waist.

Some thing popped into my mind. I kind of liked Louis and Zayn as well as Niall.

I moved my hands onto his chest and pushed him away.

"What's wrong Maddie?" Niall asked concerned.

"It's nothing," I said looking down.

"If you're sure about that, I believe you," Niall said.

"I'm sure," I said.

I heard footsteps running away. I was sure that nobody saw us.

"Damn it!" I said.


Louis's POV

I ran from Zayn. He kept asking what was wrong. I thought I was acting fine.

While running away from Zayn, I ran into the doorway of the kitchen. Niall and Maddie were snogging. I saw Maddie move her hands onto his chest chest and push him. I ran away from them in tears.

Harry's POV

I walked into the house with my girlfriend Ciara. Louis ran passed us, sobbing.

"Why's he crying?" Ciara asked.

"Probably girl trouble," I said before leaning in and kissing her lightly on the cheek.

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