Today (I am capable of your smile four times over)


1. Today (I am capable of your smile four times over)


Today is nothing to be afraid of.

You should gaze up to satellites

Like you did yesterday

And draw pictures on the glass

Opaque by the restlessness of morning

You should read a thousand books

And say a thousand words

Hold your pencil to the paper

And show us how you’d like your life to be


Or just stop. Let your finger hover

On the window for a moment

And think

If I just let go

Right now-

But does it matter?

Because we are just human

We are not superbeings or wonders of technology

We hold our hands out to ask for more, so

We cannot be the masters of time and space and everything

So just stop.


You are nothing more than me

Our eyes see the same earth, the same sky-

Your heart beats the same drum

And I do not think that

You should be crying today.

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