Just a Coincidence

When 17 year old Maddi is told that she has to move back to her childhood town in Ireland, will her life be changed for better or for worse? Will she be willing to leave her Australian life behind? Or will something happen to make the move that little bit easier.

My first Movellas novel. Sorry if it's bad...


26. Support Networking

A cool morning breeze blew across the clean, crisp grass in the park. Bella blinked her eyes open.

"Morning gorgeous." Jeremy smiled, sitting up and stretching out his arms.

Bella grinned and rolled onto her stomach, resting on her elbows. "Good morning. Sleep well?" She asked.

"Would've been so bad if you weren't here. A beautiful girl like you makes everything better." He beamed, standing up, now stretching his back.

Bella laughed. "I know! My back really hurts." She joined him. "Thanks for letting me borrow your jumper." She said as she took it off, handing it back to him.

"You're very welcome." he responded, wrapping his arms around her. 

Bella felt that little bit safe for a moment- sort of at home, like this is what she had been waiting for.

She forgot about Luke. 

Forgot her feelings. 

Forgot her mum. 

"Aw crap." She whispered, she didn't want to Jeremy to hear. She didn't want a hold up-she was already late for the hospital. 

Unfortunately, he heard. 

"What? What's wrong?" He asked softly, releasing her slightly from his hug. 

"Nothing, uh, i just gotta go. I forgot something I had to be at, that's all." She said, giving Jeremy a reassuring, slight smile. 

Jeremy hesitated, almost as if he was waiting for Bella to complete her sentence. 

Bella didn't say anything. 

Jeremy took a deep breath and looked at her questionably then let her go. 

"You wanna hang out later?" He said, throwing his jumper over his shoulder. 

"Um sure, I have a shift later today but I'll text you." She said, quickly turning away and heading towards the main road for a cab. 

Jeremy grew frustrated- he hurried to catch up to Bella, put his hand on her shoulder and spun her around. 

"Why are you acting like nothing happened last night?" 

Bella look startled, "Look Jeremy, I got to go." 

"You're exhausted! You have dark circles under your eyes bigger than saucers. You need to sleep." Jeremy argued, "You told me everything last night- about your Mum and your friends, why not now?"

Bella's eyes where frozen on Jeremy. 

"I got to go to the hospital." She said. 

Jeremy looked at her and took out his car keys. 

"Okay, I'm at least driving you there." 


"This isn't the best idea, Grace." Maddi spoke up as Grace was hunched on Sammie's shoulders peering into Bella's apartment window. 

Grace shushed her and cupped her hands against the glass. 

Sammie was red in the face and shaking slightly, "Okay get down, I'm going to pass out." 

Grace sighed loudly and hoped down off Sammie's shoulders in a very ungraceful manner and both of them sat on the ragged concrete path. 

Maddi pulled out her phone and dialed Bella's number again. 

No answer. 

"What do we do now?" Maddi asked, sitting down next to the girls. 

"As much as I would love a coffee, I think we should wait." Sammie said. 

"I'll practice my daisy chains." Gracie said pulling a daisy out of a crack in the concrete. 



"Look, seriously, you don't have to come in with me." Bella said, rubbing her eyes gently. 

"But I want to be there for you and I think it wouldn't hurt you to have some support." Jeremy replied, pulling up in the hospital parking lot. 

"No, I'm fine- really, it's just a little visit." She said 

"I'll pay for parking?" He suggested. 

Bella rolled her eyes but didn't say anything. 

"I'm taking that as a yes." He said, finding a car park and turning the ignition off. 

"It's not even worth you coming, I'm just going to talk to the doctor for a bit and say hi to Mum then I'm gone." Bella argued, climbing out of the car, shutting the door behind her. 

Jeremy sighed, "Fine but I'm driving you home." He sat back in the car and looked at Bella through the opposite window. 

Bella look wildly at him, "What?" 

He shrugged, "I'm sure you will be fine- it's only a little visit as you said." 

​Bella frowned and walked away, opening the connecting door to the main hospital building. 

Jeremy sighed, pulling ur his phone tapping on the Candy Crush app. 

Through an intense battle of crushing candy having only one life left and 4 moves to go, his phone started ringing. 


"I lied- it won't be a little visit and I'm sorry, I was being mean." Bella said. 

Jeremy looked up, she was leaning against the exit door with her phone against her ear. 

"Do you want me to come? I can stay here. You okay?" He replied staring straight at her. 

Bella shook her head and Jeremy heard a slight whimper through the phone.

"Okay, I'm coming." 


"So what are you saying exactly Doc? I mean in English this time because what you just said sounded like nothing to me." Bella frowned, she only heard the words inoperable, sick, failed treatment and money. 

"Look I know your upset but there's support networks in pla..." The doctor started 

"You're talking to me about support networks? My mother is dying and you're telling me about support networks? How much money are we talking? For the next level of treatment?"

"Bella, stop. You told me on the day of your mother's diagnosis to never hide the truth, no matter how harsh it may be. Your mother dying. That was the last level of possible treatment. I estimate that she has 6 months to live with life support, without maybe 4."

Bella turned around and looked in her Mum's room- she looked like a cold statue. 

Tears threatened at the back of her eyes. Bella swallowed them down. No time for emotions. 

Jeremy was sitting in one of the plastic chairs next to the bed, flipping through an old car magazine. He looked up as if he could feel her eyes watching him. 

Bella turned to look at the Doctor.

"I need choices Doc, answers. People have gotten better with this sickness before. What happened with them?"

"I don't know what to say Bella, everyone is different. All I can suggest is to spend as much time with her as possible- Pray for a breakthrough. Miracles can exist."  

Bella ran her fingers through her hair and grimaced. 

"Fine, thanks." She carelessly shook the Doctor's hand and walked back into the room, avoiding looking at both people waiting for her. 

She sat next to Jeremy and looked at her feet. 

There was silence for 15 minutes, Bella just sat- she couldn't feel anything, she couldn't hear anything- 

By the time she 'woke up', Bella realised that she had been crying and Jeremy had his arms around her, whispering comforting things, gently rocking her back and forth. 

"Did you hear?" She spoke in a hoarse voice, "About Mum?"

"Yeah I did." he replied, "It's okay, you can cry. You need to cry." 

"He was saying I need support systems or networks, I don't know. What do I do? I sold everything for this treatment, that was supposed to work! It was supposed to make her better. I don't know what to do." Bella sobbed through her words, breathing heavily against Jeremy's shirt. 

"Just breathe for now. We can work something out," He felt Bella shift under his grip with the word 'we', he quickly added, "or more likely you can work something out. You always do, just spend time with her. Maybe she would be in a better place." 

Bella relaxed into their embrace and dried her tears against Jeremy's shirt, "Maybe." 


Jeremy and Bella slowly walked back to the car, hands tightly intertwined. 

"Maybe you should tell your friends? I know you don't want the hassle but maybe it'll be helpful. I'm sure Sammie would let you crash at hers?" Jeremy suggested.

"Yeah, I was thinking of telling them- but something always stops me. They just seem to think that they always need to help and that they know me so well." She started. "I don't know, I should do it this afternoon." 

"It will help." Jeremy said, unlocking the car door and opening it for Bella. 

"Okay, I'll do it-" She sighed.  

"Alright, let's drive you home then." He said, starting up the engine. 

Bella groaned, "This is the only day where I don't want to work."

Jeremy took her hand and drove all the way to her house without letting go. 


"Where the hell were you?! We were worried sick!" 

Bella wandered up the stairs of the apartment block, rolling her eyes at the three friends sitting outside the main door.

"No where. I didn't go anywhere?" Bella tried to lie.

"That's rubbish!" Maddi yelled. "Why did you just leave like that?"

"It's a long story. I had an extra shift at work and had to go." She answered.

"And why didn't you tell us?" Questioned Grace who's hands were now firmly crossed in front of her chest.

"Uhhh..." Bella stumbled for an answer. "I dunno?"

Sammie walked over to her and gave her a hug. "We were worried about you. When you left, we went back to mine and you weren't there so we came here and you weren't here either! You freaked us out Bells!"

"I'm fine. I promise." She smiled. "I had a good night."

"Yeah...? Care to elaborate?" Grace looked at her watch. "Where were you until now? It's 4:30pm!"

"Just working." Bella shrugged.

"Ha! Just working?" Maddi said sarcastically. "So you weren't, you know, WITH anyone in particular?"

Bella paused for a moment. She can play with this situation, why tell the girls everything that's happened now? She could do it tomorrow or the next day, even next week. Bella took a deep breath, act like a teenage girl she thought. 

"Uh no..." She stuttered. Maddi handed Bella her phone with some text messages from Jeremy opened. 

Grace and Sammie rushed over to read the phone over Bella's shoulder. Bella handed the phone back to Maddi, looked down at her feet and smiled. 

Grace moaned, "I called dibs."

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