My Fan Book (contest, etc.)

Okay so like this is my book to:
A) Help all you newbies
B) Answer questions
C) Host contest
D) Do shoutouts to people and there books

Yeah, so basically its a guide and a review of things/a book wrapped into one...

I also have to other movellas, but they are actual books. You guys should read them. (They are "Everything About You" and "The Unforgettable Vacation".)

Also anytime you have a question or something of that sort, comment below, and I will write them in this book, and answer them.

I think that's all.... Might add more later.....


1. To All Directioners Who Are New On Movella:

Okay so like so many people are all like, "How do you do this?" and "How did you do that?" so here are some questions I am ask(answers included)

 1) How do you add a movella?

It is quite simple, it requires internet, and a computer/iPod,iPhone,iPad (basically anything with a safari, or internet. So first go onto a search engine, then type in Then it will bring you to the movella front page. You must log in (top right of page) then go under me once you are officially logged in. Click new movella, and if you have more questions from there just ask.

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