this takes place 2 years after the first book
Jackie is an international celebrity and she lives in L.A. and one night she has a dream about the promise she made to Liam she moves back to England. Mekayla lives in Jackie's old flat and is still with and Jackiemoves into a giant house. She texts Liam and it turns out they are nieghbors! They visit eachother a lot but Liam just isn't the same. Find out why in this story. I would love to hear what you think!!


8. My "Superstar"

"So dim that spotlight, tell me things like "I can't take my eyes off of you. I am no one special just a wide eyed girl who's desperately in love with you."- Superstar 

Jackie's POV

I go back to my house and start playing music on my iPhone and the first song that comes on is "Superstar" By Taylor Swift. (I really think you should listen to this song it's amazing!) I sing the lyrics and I hear a knock on the door and I open it and I see Liam. I say "Hey." He says "Whats up?" I said "Listening to music." He said "What song?" I said "Superstar by Taylor Swift." He said "Jackie can I ask you something?" I said "Of course!" He said "Will you go on a date with me?" I paused and said "Yes." He came up to me and huged me

Liam's POV

When she said yes I didn't know what to do. All I could think of is hugging her. Jackie had a huge smile on her face. And I whispered in her ear "Thank you." She said "I never got over you." My heart skipped a beat when she said that. I was smiling the whole time. After that it was started raining and I got soaked and she said "Don't just stand out there!" I ran inside and Jackie said "Why were you just standing out there?" I said "I don't know!" She started laughing and I turned the song back on and I listened to it and I said "This is a really nice song!" She said "Yea." I looked at her phone screen and it was 1D I looked at her locked screen and again 1D. I started to laugh and she said "Don't judge I have had this phone for a long time." I asked "How long?" She said "Since I was 12." I said "I would think you would get a new phone in with in 8 years since you are famous." She said "Most of my pay goes to charity." I said "That's really nice." She said "Thank you.I said "Want to do a twitcam?" She said "Okay!" She took out her laptop and the wallpaper is once again One Direction. I laughed and said "Really?" She said "Once again when I was twelve!" I said "Okay." Then we started the twitcam. It was on her twitter, In 5 minutes we got a million viewers. Someone said "I was sleeping but I am watching this because I am a huge fan! She said "Well thank you!"


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