The Lucky One {[•SAPPHIRE•]} Jewel Series

Hi, I'm June O'Connell! I'm 18, have light blonde hair with brown roots. I dye it occasionally. My mum currently moved to the country to start a new life, with her new husband. My recent dad is not the kinda person you want to be living with...
I also live with my brother Jack, and my younger sister Natalie. They are always sticking up for me!

~Hope you enjoy this story as much as I do writing it! Thanks, FAN, COMMENT, LIKE, FAVOURITE please. Love you!~ Stacey


1. A Killer of a Time

"Get on the bed and stay there!" I cried laying on the bed doing as I was told, hearing dad lock Jack and Natalie into the dark, cold room. They were screaming as loud as they could, trying to get neighbors attention. I heard dad come back, no. I'll call him Greg, he's not my dad!

"Come on June, do what you need to do!NOW!" This was the same thing every night after dinner, first was me. Then Natalie, then Jack was up for a beating. I started to cry even more, unbuttoning my pink shirt taking it off revealing my black lace bra. Greg licked his lips and chained me to the bed. He laid on top of me as I started to scream, he kept touching me. Licking my face and massaging my thigh.

~Natalie and Jack~

"Jack we need to do something!"

"Don't we have those bags in the shelf up there? That's we're mum put all her phones."

"Jack your a genious!" I climbed the shelves and grabbed the bag, taking one of the phones. I quickly called OOO! I hope try get here soon. June is in trouble and needs help! I wasn't going to let Greg get away with this any longer!

"Natalie do you think she's okay?" I could here do many screams. High pitched, drowning me in headaches.

"Yes, never stop believing Jack. Well get out of here soon. I promise." I received a text from the Police, they can't come. They think we are playing little tricks. We had to solve this on our own! "Jack you know how to pick locks right?"

"Well yeah but I doubt there will be anything in here." Nat handed me a paper clip. Now where the heck did that come from!? I moved to the door and started to unfold the clip, I inserted it into the lock and voila! We were free!

Jack is 20 and has been training to be a cop in college, until Greg can and got him. I noticed something shining on the shelf. "Jack, if that's a gun. Please use it."

I climbed the shelf in the similar direction Bat did earlier findin a gun with 2 bullets in it. I grabbed it, jumped back down ad slowly walked out of the small room. I walked to the door of Junes bedroom. Greg was still just touching her, he hadn't made a move on her yet. That's a start. I pulled the safety back and aimed for Greg's chest. I knew what I had to do. I pulled the trigger and saw Greg roll to the ground. I dropped the gun and called Nat in. "Nat help me unchain her."

"Did you just kill Greg?"

"I had to, we'll bury him later."


I was relieved but shocked. I couldn't believe Jack actually killed him. But then again I was glad we didn't have to worry about him anymore! "How can I thank you enough!?" I got off the bed and grabbed some fresh clothes out, a white shirt and a massive blue sweater. It was freezing! Thank god Greg let me keep my pants on, but I changed them anyway. I grabbed sime white leggings and put them on, along with some black stilletoes. Man I love heels!

"Dont worry June, you helped us anyway."
Jack and Nat started chatting amongst each other and were thinking of how to get Greg outside.. I joined in and came up with an idea.

"Jack, grab that bag in my closet. Nat help me get Greg in it." hey did as they were told and we put him into the bag. We dragged him downstairs and out the back door. It was about 11:OOpm so everyone was asleep in Sydney. "I'll grab the shovel and you two grab a pick, we're gonna bury him and well have a little funeral in the morning."


I walked to the shed and grabbed a pick, along with Jack. I started to shape out a rectangle in the fresh grass. I losened up the dirt and let June shovel it away. After about an hour of digging we had a massive hole, June and I grabbed the bag and threw him in the hole. Covering him up with the pile of dirt to our right. I walked back to te balcony and sat on the chair. June and Jack came and joined me. We talked and talked until we began to starve. We all headed to the streets together to grab some food, I spotted a bakery down the road and literally dragged Jack and June inside. We ordered some quiche and took a seat, I saw on the corner of my eye. Is this the place police always come?
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