I'm no princess

Kate was born a princess and raised an ordinary girl. When her mother dies she learns of the father she has never known and what being his daughter entitles.


1. Princess Katherina

I never knew my father, I never wanted to. He left me and my mum to fend for ourselves, he didn't even stick around to watch me be born. Now I have to go live with him, in Denmark, with his wife and two other daughters. My mum recently died of cancer, there was nowhere else for me to go. Right now some social services person is driving into the airport car park. When we do finally park a tall guy with light blond hair in jeans and a shirt walks over. He opens my door for me and I step out.

"Miss Katherina Jonas?" The guy says and I give a single curt nod. The man smiles cautiously but I just put my ear phones in and lean against the car. The social worker starts to talk to the tall blond guy, I wonder why he came instead of my father. I know what my father looks like from a picture my mum once gave me, he has brown hair, he looks nothing like me except for my eyes, we have the same green eyes. My father is a handsome man, I suppose it is makes sense that my mum fell for him. Just as the song changes on my I pod another man walks out and heads toward our car, he is tall and is wearing a suit, his hair is dark brown and his eyes are green, nice to finally meet you dad. I watch as he comes closer and closer, he hasn't changed since that picture was taken. 

"Are you Katherina?" he asked and I nodded slightly. He smiled and held out his arms as if asking for a hug, I slowly stepped into his arms and let him hug me. As soon as he released me I shied away from him. "I'm so happy to meet you Katherina, I'm so sorry about your mother." He said with a sad smile. 

"Nice to meet you too. And it's just Kate." I say and look down at the floor. The blond guy steps in right at that moment. 

"Sir, we really need to go before the press get wind of our arrival." What? that's confusing. The press, what would they want with us? My father just nodded and ushered me into the airport, now I want answers.

"Why would the press what us?" I asked.

"They are like scavengers Kate, they always want more news and the daughter of a king meeting her father for the first time is big news." He said. WHAT! Did he say kind, HE WAS A GOD DAMN KING! 

"What does that make me, if you are some kind of king." I ask bluntly, the time for games was so over. I stared up at him in annoyance. This was serious and I had had enough of this. I didn't know what was going on but I was not going into something like this blind, and I deserved to know. 

"You Kate, are princess Katherina Media Jonas. The oldest royal child of me, king Andrew." He said, his eyes all serious, Oh crap!

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