1.Gold lies

Gold lies, is part of a series {Numbers to follow}:
My lips felt like they were being pumped full of air, I knew the lies my brother had told, I don't want to listen anymore....


1. air

My lips felt like they were going to burst, I wanted to tell but I knew I cound not tell on my brother. He says if I tell something bad will happen...Will it??


The air around me was cold and spitefull, just like my brother. I loved this kind of weather, my brother is a different story. He made me promise yesterday that what ever I do I can't speak, he lied to mom. He's lied to every body.


I breathed in the air and walked into the corridoor, the hustle and bustle of students made me feel sick, I knew I didn't belong here, so I just slipped over to my locker and opened it. My first class was art and it was art all day.


Grabbing my books, I closed my locker and saw HIM, the new boy, toataly handsom and tall. I looked at him, just standing there made me feel, safe.......I don't now why, but I stammered a hello and left for class.


The thing was, he's in the same class as me. That led to the feud of the brothers....

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