I woke up with a massive headache. What happened last night after our concert? Woah! Where am I?! I know for a fact that this is NOT my hotel. I hear some footsteps and I start to tremble uncontrollably. Who is that?! I pretend that I'm sleeping. I hear a female voice say, "...I know your not sleeping." I open my eyes to find a girl smirking.


2. Liam's Point Of View

*Half an hour later*
Man did my head hurt! I open my eyes to see darkness surrounding me. I try to stretch but my hands are tied around a wooden pole behind me. Woah... woah... WOAH! What happened here?! I rub my eyes and while waiting for my eyes to adjust, a girl suddenly appears in front of me. She stares at me for at least a full minute before I break the awkward silence saying,"Uhhh...hello? Where am I?" She smiles really big and says,"Hi! I love you and this is your new home Li Li! You're gonna stay with me forever!" The way she said forever made me get chills and I shiver. She notices and shouts,"Oh my God Liam!! Are you cold?! Do you need a blanket or some soup or some-" "Woah! I'm fine! And what's your name?" She appears to be excited for something. She appears to be crazy. A little too crazy if you ask me. I really do need to get out of here soon. She replies,"My name is Kendra and are children will be named Xavier and Raiye." Oh God. Did she really just say that?! Oh God, oh God, OH GOD!! I need to get out of here! Like now!! I need to think of something and fast! Wait! Got it! I yawn and say,"I am really tired, do you mind if I go back to sleep for a couple more hours?" She seems to be thinking, and finally she answers,"WelI I suppose you could." I reply with a quick thank you. She starts to leave but while facing me still. She is staring at me creepily while walking backwards up the stairs. But right before she gets all the way up she says,"Sweet dreams Li Li."
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