Immortal as I laid dying

Lizzy was late home one night from her friend bonnies it was dark and the stars were out . She started to walk home , when she meet her boyfriend in a alley she was left to die when a blonde male figure appeared over her ,
'please' I managed to move my lips.

Twilight fan fiction


4. The uncovering

As we put the shoes back Into there place we slid back into the wide open living room. Carlisle smiled at me welcoming me back into the discussion ,the wolfboy stormed out of the house as soon as he saw me muttering to himself.

"He doesn't like me much does he ? "
I asked lookinng over my shoulder to see him going of into the trees .
Then there thoughts were fulled with questions for me ,
" Lizzy do you remember I'm you had any family" Esme asked in her timid voice . I thought about it for a moment thinking of my last day as a human. 

"I remembered leaving a friends on my last day ,her name was Bonnie,there was som-something about her I'm forgetting something important " I struggled to remember I was getting slightly annoyed at my self. Jasper noticed the change in my mood he stepped closer waiting for me to snap.

I watched my fuzzy dull human memories , me walking into Bonnie's , us lighting lots of candles and something I didn't expect we was sitting in front of each other are hand joined are eyes closed and chanting words out of an old book that looked centuries old. 
I gasped in shock I had to face the facts crying , self control and controlling the elements . I was a witch.

Edward tensed up his teeth clenched his hands balled up into fists , then a loud feral sound ripped through his teeth and he sprung at he knocking me from my feet to the floor. 
Esme growled at Edward , Emmett and Jasper was there pulling Edward from his hunting crouch.  My heart was racing I was so scared I was furious , then something clicked Edward still had me pinned to the flood. 
I look up at him my eyes no longer the bright crimson red but dark blue the same sapphire colour as the dress I wore my hands balled setting on fire the blue flames roared as the danced in my palms. 

Then I took my chance I smashed my left  palm into the side of his face he blow of me in an instant flying across the room and through then enormous glass windows , they smashed into a million pieces. I sat up looking at my hands as the flames slowly calmed and disappeared. 
Carlisle looked at me as I sat up to see the damage , I gasped again putting my hand over my mouth ,
" I'm so sorry , I'm so so sorry " I mumbled to Esme and Carlisle. 

"Its ok lizzy its fine don't worry" Carlisle said to me , then he frowned his face becoming more serious,
"Lizzy what did you remember" he looked me in the eyes " please" he added still looking at me.
I burst into tears as I shook my head looking at him ,
" I-I ca-n't you will hate me to " cried struggling on my words .

"Please " he asked again holding my gaze. 
" P-Please don't hate me "I cried he nodded to me " i-in my human life I wasn't human ... " He still held my gaze " I was a Witch " he continued to stare " please don't hate me "I cried  once more 
He looked at me ,
" I don't hate you " his eyes held nothing but the truth he moved forwards wrapping his arms around me my tears not leaking the clear moisture but turning into rare gems as they hit my cheeks turning into sapphires , emeralds, garments and diamonds .

Then there was aloud shriek are heads all snapped around an we were all outside . Jacob the smelly wolfboy was hanging form a tree two other werewolfs jumping up at his feet to try and get to his shoes.  

Me and Emmett burst into laughter at the sight of Jacob scampering up a tree. Carlisle looked at me I stopped laughing noticing his mood.  He looked like he was furious , Esme didn't know how she felt she had mixed moods she thought it was entertaining and funny but sadly horrific to watch the wolfs teeth snap inches from Jacob. 

I walked across  the room and leaped out the window avoiding the glass , I walked strait up to the werewolfs not stopping to notice my audience  watching from the windows they all turned around to see me, a large grey wolf  continued to look at me. He moved closer to butt his enormous head against my shoulder. 
Jacob looked at me if only looks could kill he jumped from the tree and got in my face Jasper gave him a warning as Jacob approached me ,
" Be careful Jacob,whatever you are thinking its not good she is only hours old , she Isn't in  control Jacob".

Jacob ignored him and was standing inches from my teeth I could see the blood in his veins, fell the warmth of his body , he should of been mouthwatering.  But all I could smell was the horrid smell of wet dog. 
I leaned closer to him. If we got any closer he could of kissed me. 

" Look bloodsucker. "
' Elizabeth! " I interrupted
" Yeah what ever leach , you couldn't hurt a fly look at you "he made the words almost threatening"
" Really do you want to test that theory " I was quite smug about it. 

" Look leach your so prophetic event your previous family tried to poison you "
' What ? ' I was shocked
" Yeh Carlisle found your blood was covered with some type of poison ,  wait didn't he tell you this   "
'Shut up !' My blood was boiling I could feel the power behind the anger.  one click was all it took to get rid of him I thought to myself. 
" What its not my fault everyone wanted you dead your friends , yor boyfriend event your own parents "

That was it I couldn't feel my control any more I throw myself at him knocking him to the floor. All hands were then on me Emmett secured me in a head lock I bit his arm and he let go in pain. Jasper tried to restrain me I throw him of me not thinking he then landed somewhere he shouldn't of. 
There was growling , yelping and snarls  . I immediately snapped out of it  hearing the piercing yelping and wining of Seth who was on the floor , now in human form holding his chest .
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