She's not the most popular girl at school. He's the cutest guy on the football team. She's a freak. He's perfect. It's complicated.


9. First date

Bradley's POV

I was stood in the queue with an arm around my girl. I paid for the movie tickets and then took her to the menu. "What do you want sweet cheeks?" I asked her, putting my charm on. She gave me a quick peck on the lips and then started to go through the list. "Hurry up! Some of us have a movie to catch!" A really familiar voice said. "Shut up babe!" Another familiar voice said. And without even turning around, I said, "Hello Derek." Then I turned around and, through gritted teeth, added, "Emily." Emily smiled at me awkwardly whilst Derek dismissivly flicked his her and mitteted 'whatever.' Jackie was amazing, she completely blanked them.out and carried on as normal. "I'll think i'll take a large popcorn so I can put the bucket over my head through the scary parts." Sf he gigfled and I hugged her tighter. Emily coughed and then said loudly to Derek, "Last night was amazing.!" She looked at me when she said amazing. I could easily top that. And I did. "Babe," I said in reply to Jackies earlier remark. I continued loudly, "It's a movie date but who said we'd be watching the movie?" Emily squinted her eyes evily at me and then gave Derek a long embrace. I topped that one by kissing Jackie groaning and running my hands all over her body. She pulled away after a couple of seconds when the lady at the desk grunted and handed us our popcorn. "I don't think we should waste our money on a large popcorn." Emily continued her loud convo. I was about to say something back when Jackie interrupted. "You know what babe, it IS a waste of money. We should give THIS to the less fortunate." She pushed the popcorn harshly on Emilys chest, spilling some all over her. Emily stood there with her mouth open, trying to stop the rest from falling and frantically grabbing the bucket. "Its not like we're gonna need it." And with those last few words, Jackie pushed me against a wall and started full on snogging me. Feeling me up and passionately groaning. She started kissing my neck andthen went back to my mouth. It was so amazing. We started french kissing and I could seriously feel a boner comeing along. She still had me trapped on the wall and having her legs spreaf out like a starfish was not really helping with the boner sitch. She finally pulled away and sexily walked up the stairs to our movie. I caught up with her and put an arm around her. And then, I turned around and winked at a early jealous and frustated emily. Who finally gave up trying to get a grip of the popcornand just let it drop all together. She pished Derek away and then marched out of the cinema.
Score one for me.
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