Dream or Reality?

The world is at peace. But only because of it's Guardians and their job to protect this reality from the others.


3. Who she is

“My identity?” He asked a bit hesitantly, as he hadn't thought about it, but it only made sense.

“Yes, you need to be somebody.” She said and extinguished her cigarette, and stood up.

“Come.” She didn't exactly wait for him to make a decision before she began walking away, and he had to hurry to get to her, afraid of losing her in the crowd.

“But I still don't know who you are!” He yelled out, as the grand number of people didn't exactly make it easier for him to follow and communicate.

The fresh air embraced him, as he happily fell into it, as the front door helped him escape from the smoke and alcohol. The electronic sound had been deafened too, and it only got lower as they walked away from the noisy bar.

“I've already told you the most important thing, but I guess you deserve to know it all since we're going to be partners.” She said and suddenly slowed down, but was still walking a determined route.

“I'm Nathalie Sol, as I've mentioned, I've been in this realm for about... 100 years?” She said casually, as if it didn't mean much that she had been here so long, but Miller was still rather surprised that she had been around for so long without anyone noticing it.

“100 years?! How have you managed that?!” He spoke rather loudly in surprise with widened eyes, and the few people that walked past them glared at him, and Nathalie would flip up the collar and turn away from everyone’s gaze.

“That's a secret you wont be allowed to get yet, or the Sentries would have my life.” She said and flicked a lighter so it would lit her another cigarette, and looked at Miller, as he only gave her a puzzled look back.

“I'll ask later,” he shook his head, “continue?”

And she did: “I'm a model, and mostly everyone knows who I am.”

“Which is why you're hiding...?” He interrupted her, which she didn't exactly like and clenched her fist, before taking an annoyed drag on her cigarette.

“Yes. Indeed. Oh, and don't interrupt me. Ever.” She stopped and stepped up close to him, so that their faces were just inches away from touching.

Miller gave a shocked yelp and feared that she'd hit him. “Ye-yes ma'am!” He stuttered and after she had given him some evil looks, she proceeded with the walk to where Miller didn't know.

“Not really much else to say about me, I've changed my name many times, and lived in different states to avoid suspicion. This isn't about me, but about you anyway, I've had my introduction a long time ago.”

She stopped in front of a large building, and walked up to the doorman as he greeted her.

“Evening Miss Sol.”

But then he noticed Miller, as he stood and admired the grand and elegant look of the place, spinning with an open mouth in awe.

“Is that man with you?” The doorman asked, and Nathalie turned around to frown upon her companion.

“Yes, unfortunately, he is.” She said and smiled at the doorman, but he were still suspicious.

“Shall I call the police Miss?” He whispered to her and kept a close eye on the young man, and for a moment, Nathalie liked the idea, as Miller probably would have a priceless expression, but she had to shake the image out and answer the waiting doorman.

“Oh God no, he's an old friend of mine, and it wouldn't be a proper way to treat friends. But I'd love to see his reaction to it though.” She chuckled and waved Miller over, as he finally decided to look at her, with a giant smile and shining eyes.

“He's not used to the big city.” She whispered to the doorman, and he let out an “oh” as Miller approached them.

“Remember his face, as he'll be living with me from now on.” She said and smiled at Miller, as he gave a slightly confused look, but tried to seem convincing.

As they passed the doorman, he leaned into Nathalie and whispered: “Do let me know, if I need to call the police.” He said and they both smirked as she nodded.

“Will do.”

Inside was a giant lobby, rather empty but it was night, so it only made sense. Miller couldn't stop admiring and turning to get it all in, as the elegant place was the most clean place he had seen yet. The marble floors, the white walls with art hanging on them, the expensive furniture and beautiful plants. The snobby servants glared at him, with a raised nose and mumbled about how a guy so filthy could have entered this hotel, and the gave fancy giggles at jokes about him, which weren't really all that funny. But they all got quiet, as they saw Nathalie Sol wrap her arm around his. They all knew how her disguise looked like. Miller was rather surprised by this sudden closureness.

“Wha-what are you doing?”  

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