Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


33. Home. (Kinda sexuallllll)

When we pulled into the driveway I dragged myself out of the car and slowly unlocked the door. I put my purse down on the little table and went upstairs. I went into the bathroom and stripped myself of my clothing. My bath water was rising and I quickly turned it off. I slowly stepped in the tub, slunked down into the warm water. I relaxed and laid my head back onto the edge of the tub. When, I was relaxed the thoughts came to me.

I guess it was a sign, to show that I'm not ready for a baby yet. Maybe, it was my fault I couldn't hold her anymore. I don't know... all I do know is that I wish she was here with me now.


"We sure did make a beautiful baby." Zayn said looking down at me smiling as I was holding Willow. "Yes, we did!" I said. He then leaned down and pecked my lips softly. Willow started coughing and choking and spitting up this black gooey stuff. "ZAYN! There's something wrong with the baby!" I was frantically trying to quiet her from screaming and pat her back to cease her from choking, but nothing was working!


"Skylar! Skylar!!" Zayn screamed. I had been splashing and crying. "What's wrong?" He asked. "I had a horrible dream." I stated. "Well, you wanna tell me?" He asked doing the half smile I loved. "Sure... Well, we were holding Willow and she started screaming and coughing up stuff that was black and gooey and nasty, and everything I tried to so she wouldn't stop." I said, probably sounding crazy. "Well, it's probably that hot water getting to you. Let's get you out, your starting to look like a prune!" He said smiling. I giggled. He grabbed my towel and as I stepped out he wrapped it around me.

I walked into the room and grabbed my underwear and bra and put it on. Before, I could put on one of Zayn's big shirts he grabbed me and threw me on the bed.

"Zayn!" I shouted. He climbed on top of me. I tried to bat him away, I wasn't in the mood. "What? You don't want me? I haven't seen you in 7 months.. and you don't want me!? I guess I'll just have to call Perrie." He said playfully laughing while kissing my neck. "Zayn, don't even play around like that. I HATE that whore." I said a moan escaping my lips while he sucked on the spot right below my ear. "Ahhh, I found a spot." He said kissing it. We were only in our under garments and Zayn was horny, sooo this should be good.

He pressed his lips against mine letting his tounge slip into my mouth. He wrapped his hands behind my back and unclipped my bra. He then through it to the side leaving me topless. He kissed down my neck, and rubbed my breast on the way down. After, my chest he slid his tounge out and licked it all the way right before my crotch. I moaned and he came back up and kissed me passionately. He lifted my legs up to where they were bent but still on the bed. He slid his hand slowly down my thigh and scanned his fingers across my crotch. He put his head down to my crotch and grabbed hold of my panties with his teeth and pulled them off slowly. He then through the on the ground. "Damn, you are wet!" He said laughing. He took his left hand and placed it on my thigh and his other hand he laid on top of my breast. He put his head down, and stuck his tounge inside of me.  

He slid his tounge, around making me moan and slurped, and sucked and licked some more. I had my hand in his hair gripping it and pushing it down deeper when he touched my clit. "Zayn." I moaned. He lifted his face up licking his lips. "Skylar, you taste good!" He said winking. "Okay, ready for MegaMalik?" He asked. I bit my lip, "You already know!" I wanted him, all of him. I wanted to feel him inside of me.

He started to take off his Calvin Klein boxers, when I stopped him. "What?" He asked. "I wanna do it." I said seductively smiling. "Go on ahead!" He said winking. I grabbed hold of the elastic strip and tugged it down. When, I saw  MegaMalik, I gasped. I hadn't remembered how big he was. I could not wait, to feel him. He reached across to the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a un-used condom. He wrapped it up and then, he set his hands across me and slid inside of me. It was pretty easy, considering how wet I was. I moaned, as he started going a little bit faster. I bit my lip and gripped his hair, which he loved. "Z-zayn!" I moaned. He was taking powerful, fast thrusts which hurt a little bit. "Zayn, your going to fast!" I said gasping. It was really hot in here. His eyes were closed and when he opened them they were darker than usual, when he was horny.. he could only win. He slowed his pace, a little. "Better?" He asked. "Better..." I said relaxing a little more. We went on for a couple more minutes when I heard Zayn curse under his breath. "Shit..." He murmured. He shuddered as an orgasm shook through him, the condom filling up with his pleasure.

He pulled out of me and plopped down beside me. "You haven't had an orgasm yet?" He asked. "Nope...." I shook my head. He smiled seductively. "Why don't we let you go get cleaned up.." He said. I got up and walked towards the bathroom door. I opened it and Zayn followed, taking off the condom and slinging it into the trashcan. We turned on the water letting the water splah against our bare bodies. My butt was facing MegaMalik. The water was hitting my body. "Let me give you pleasure." Zayn whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine even though I was hot.

He moved my hair to the side and started to kiss and suck my neck. He spread my legs a little and, I let his fingers rub my clit. He was rubbing, and I was moaning. He then slid 2 fingers inside of me. I moaned. He was going fast and I could feel it coming. "Zayn, it's coming." I said rolling my eyes into the back of my head. "Hold it!" He demanded. "I c-cant." I moaned. "Hold it." I tried, to hold it for a little bit longer, but then it hit me. An orgasm got sent through me giving pleasure to my body. "Fuck." I murmured. "You good?" he asked. "Great!" I exclaimed.

When we got out the shower we laid down in bed, cuddled under the covers. "That was good." Zayn said pleased. "Yes, it was. I've missed that." I said sighing. He nuzzled his head in my neck giving it one last kiss before, both of us drifted off into sleep.



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