Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


1. Coming back home

 Skylar's P.O.V.

" Everyone, hold on were landing. " The airplane attendent said. "Oh my god, im almost here! I cant wait to see him!!" I thought. I grapped my suitcases, and headed off the airplane. I looked around and i didnt see him. Where was he!? As i started to dial his number two hands covered my eyes.. He said " Guess who? " I let out a little squeal and turned around and wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him. It seemed like forever till we pulled apart. " Babe, ive missed you so much!!! " I said. " Ive missed you too babe! " We headed over to the rest of the boys. I first ran over to Harry, he was like my best guy friend. " Hello sweetheart, how was your trip? " He asked. " It was great, thanks! " He then pecked me on the cheek. I hugged the rest of the boys. " Okay, lads lets go home! Im ready to eat!! " NIall said. We all laughed. We had just arrived to me and zayns house. As i unlocked the door, Jennacy, Daniellle and, eleanor screamed " WELCOME BACK!! :D " " Aweeee, you guys! Thank you so much!  " I said. "Im gonna go put my stuff up! " We'll come with. " The girls said. The boys were all sitting on the couch and we went upstairs. We walked back down and the boys were on the Wii, of course! " EVERYONE AT THE TABLE!!! " I shouted, " Okay, mom! " Niall replied. We laughed. Everyone was sat at the table. Liam with Dani, Louis with El, Me with Zayn and, Harry with no one....... Today was Italian night. My favorite (:

Zayns P.O.V.

Im so glad shes back <3  I cant wait for her to see what i got for her. Tomorrows our 3 year anniversary, i KNOW she'll love it. I looked at her and mouthed the words " I love you " She replied " I love you too " She smiled her lovely smile. Oh, how ive missed that. Now, time to eat! " LETS EAT!! " " Im right there with ya on that one! " Niall replied. Again, everyone laughed.

Skylars P.O.V.

When everyone was finished we sat down on the couch and chilled and watched " The Hunger Games " I snuggled up on zayns lap and he leaned down and kissed me. Everyone said " Ewwwwww! " We just laughed. My eyes just wouldnt stay open, so not long after the movie started i fell asleep.


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