Fault and blame

Spoilt fifteen year old Maddy lives the perfect life. Perfect looks. Perfect family. And, perfect boyfriend. But when rumours are spread as they are in high school, and she is accused of cheating, she feels like the whole world is falling apart! Will she convince them that it wasn't her fault, or will her boyfriend, Kyle, fall for someone else? ***


1. the party


I quickly applied some emergency lip gloss just as the doorbell rang. Pouting my lips and checking myself one last time in front of my dressing table, and of course puffing up my bleached blonde hair, I slipped on my designer handbag and rushed down the stairs.

I repositioned my tight black dress and made sure I looked absolutely perfect before opening the front door to my boyfriend, Kyle. He grinned from eye to eye as I carefully stepped down onto the street like it was a catwalk, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. Aah, he always felt so good! We broke apart as my Dad came to the door to say goodbye. “Have fun sweetheart! And remember to be back by 12!” He nodded approvingly towards Kyle, then shut the door giving us some privacy, as Kyle wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Hey babe. Feels like I haven’t seen you in ages!” He said in his soft low voice.

“Yeah!” I giggled as he tickled me with his fingers going up my nearly bare, spray tanned back. “Let’s go!”

The party of one of my girlfriends where we were going was only a 15 minute walk away. This was still a real struggle in my pink stilettos I got last month especially for the party, but luckily Kyle and I were holding hands and he would always catch me if stumbled. Walking down the street we got a few disapproving looks from strangers passing by. But I didn’t care what they thought of me. If they thought I looked trashy, too ‘dolled up’, or too young to be dressed like I was, I just smiled at them sarcastically, flicked my hair and carried on walking swaying my hips from side to side even more and pushing out my chest to show them that, I really didn't give a damn what they thought. If I thought I looked good, I looked good.

By the time we got to the club, it was 9.20. It had started at 9. ‘Fashionably late’ I told myself as I confidently strode in with Kyle on my arm. All eyes were on us, of course. But then again, who wouldn't want to look at me?

The music was blasting so loud in my ears, it gave me a headache. But I had to pretend it didn’t bother me, it was my best friend’s party, and I couldn’t just walk out saying I had a headache. I decided to make the most of the night, and made my way to the dance floor.

Kyle and I slowly parted from each other as I went to join my girlfriends and he went off to get a drink.


I made my way to the middle of the floor and started dancing. The 'slut drop' was my signature move. I didn't care that people called it that, after all you couldn't blame them. It was called the slut drop for a reason after all! I could feel all the eyes on me, and I loved it. After a while, I felt someone's hands reach between my arms and my waist from behind me. For a second I let him, but then I remembered Kyle. I pushed his arms off me and whispered in his ear, "Touch me again, and I'll get Kyle on you. I swear". After that, he looked positively frightened of me. As soon as he went away, I got back to my slutty moves.

“So you and Kyle are really a ‘thing’ now?” The 'birthday girl', Eleanor asked me loudly while sipping at a cocktail and dancing.

“Well, yeah I guess so.” I was glad that she had noticed. To be honest, I craved attention and the more I could get, the happier I’d be…Or so I thought.

"Oh my god Maddy, how come you didn't tell me? You're really going out with Kyle?” Another one of my good friends Georgia said, eyes wide. I'd known she'd had a crush on him since the start of year 9.  I just nodded my head and carried on dancing.

“Hehe, you’d better keep close to him. All the girls must be well jealous. Kyle’s like, the fittest guy in school." Eleanor shouted above the crowd. I smiled secretly to myself. I liked to think of myself of the fittest girl in school. We really were a perfect match!

A few heads turned as they realised that Kyle was no longer single. A group of people I used to think were my friends started whispering to each other. I looked over to them and raised my perfectly shaped eyebrows.

“…As I said!” Eleanor giggled as the girls rudely walked away towards the drinks bar where Kyle had gone. I smiled at Eleanor and pointed casually to the girls to suggest where I was going. She winked at me as if to say ‘good luck’, then turned away back to Georgia and more guys who were swarming around her like bees to honey.


I repositioned my strapless dress as somehow it had been pulled down while I was dancing, and walked over to Kyle. I had beaten the girls to him. I tapped my fingers on his shoulder to let him know I was there, then placed each leg on his and kissed him playfully. He put down his drink realising it was me and kissed me back. A couple of the guys he had been sitting with started wolf whistling at us but as soon as he glared at them they stopped. They started to clear off feeling awkward, but I could still see, out of the corner of my eye, the girls gazing enviously at me in a bunch behind us.

“Nice to see you again!” Kyle chuckled as he reached for his drink.

I looked over to the girls who were still there, then laughed very loudly to get their attention.

“D’you wanna drink?” He asked me then took a sip.

“Sure, thanks babe” I replied as he handed me some sort of cocktail. I hadn’t told anyone, but I had actually never had any alcohol before. I tried not to make a big deal about the first sip. But really, it was disgusting! It was too cold and sour and made my teeth chatter and my headache got stronger. But then again, obviously I couldn’t show it. The girls had started laughing so I was forced to take another sip. And another. And another.

Soon enough, I started to feel a little light headed. I'd only had half of the drink! I put it down next to Kyle’s empty glass and got up.

He looked up to me his eyebrows narrowed in ‘concern’. “Where you going?” He asked me and stood up as well. “You can’t be leaving, it’s only half eleven!”

“Well, yeah, remember my Dad said to be back by twelve?” He didn’t answer. “It takes about half an hour to get back from here. So…”

“Err, bye then. See you tomorrow” He waved me goodbye then sat back down and glugged down the rest of my unfinished cocktail. I was quite disappointed- scrap that, really disappointed. I thought that he would offer to walk me home, especially as he came to pick me up, or at least kiss me goodbye. I hesitated to make sure he wasn’t going to get up, then remembering the gang of girls, turned round on my heels and strutted off with my handbag as if I didn’t have a care in the world.


I had just walked out the club door, when I realised someone was following me. Oh! Kyle was coming then! I turned round putting on my best smile. Then froze. It wasn’t Kyle. It was James. He was probably one of the toughest guys I knew. Goes to my school, used to be my boyfriend, but got suspended for punching me in the face and breaking my nose because I broke up with him, when we were just in year 8. He had hated me and I had hated him ever since. Well, that’s what I had thought.

He came up to me, his big, chunky shoes clomping on the cement path. His green eyes were hard, but sad somehow. James looked at me, into my eyes. I stared down, feeling extremely uncomfortable. Your ex coming up to you and staring right at you, was in fact a very strange feeling. I didn’t know what to expect. What was he going to do? Was he going to punch me again? Hit or kick me, hurt me until I crumpled? To get back at me for breaking up with him, if breaking my nose hadn’t been enough?

But, what happened next I really hadn’t expected. He kissed me. It felt…horrible. I had gotten over us, but obviously it hadn’t been the same for him. I tried to push him away, but that only encouraged him. I don’t know what I felt. It was weird. Definitely not how it felt kissing Kyle. I turned my head to the side hoping that it would break us apart then I could get away from him. But then he kind of trapped me. He put his arms up against the wall behind me making me crash against it. I moaned as part of my back was bare, and the brickwork had scraped me. James then carried on kissing me, somehow harder and more urgently.

If James was really going this far, what else could he do? Would my ex boyfriend from two years ago actually rape me?

I’d had enough of this. I tried to kick him with my heel but that didn’t make any difference. Actually, it just hurt my foot, I must have twisted it. Black tears mixed with mascara spilled down my once perfectly bronzed cheeks. I shook my head and tried to hit him but it didn’t make any use.

Suddenly, I realised that James had parted from my lips, and his hold on me was not so tight. I carefully opened my watery eyes. He was looking away. He was looking angry. It was too risky to follow his gaze, or he could have caught me looking then carried on what he was doing before. Which I definitely didn't want more of. Well, this was my chance. His muscly tattooed arms that were placed above my shoulders tensed slightly as I ducked down beneath them and ran as fast as my legs could take me.


My hair flowing behind me, I sprinted back around the corner, (which is not easy with a hurt ankle and five inch heels!) pulled my phone out of my pocket and-... Wait. My phone wasn't there! I quickly checked in my other pocket. Empty. I dug inside my designer handbag, choking back the tears. If only I hadn't brought so much make-up with me! Then maybe if my phone was there I would be able to find it so much easier. But, I was so sure I put it in there! I made sure James was not still following me again, and then tipped out the contents of the bag onto the concrete.

I spread it all out on the ground so I could see everything. No! My favourite mascara was open and spilling out! Before thinking about it, I quickly screwed on the lid. Phew! Then I started packing up my bag again. I stopped midway. Wasn't I forgetting something? ... Yes! My phone! I ran my hands through the bag when my finger caught on some pink bumpy casing. I found it! I heaved it out of my bag as if it weighed two tonnes, placed my finger on the middle button and waited, but only for a millisecond, as the extra wide HD screen flickered into life.

I wiped my eyes as not to get any tears on my phone, then went onto my messages. Thirty three new! I had checked them all before the party! The party where it all went wrong. I opened one from my Dad, knowing that I shouldn’t leave it unnoticed. Whenever I get a text from my Dad, its bad news. I swore under my breath as I skimmed through the text message. It read:

‘Where are you? It’s way past 12 and you’re still not home. You have school tomorrow!’

I narrowed my eyes. I was sure Kyle had said it was 11.30! But, my phone now said it was 1.15! I replied a quick, ‘On my way’ to my Dad then switched it off. I didn’t have time to answer or read the others- well really I just had a headache and was confused and all I wanted to do was get home and go to sleep. I decided as long as I was on my way home anyway it didn’t matter. After walking for a minute I realised my shoes were killing me! I kicked them off and carried them under my arm in a real state, until I got safely home.

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