One moment changes the world forever...

My entry for the "Legacy" comp. Please like, fave and comment and I will return the favour.


1. Legacy

Legacy. It's what the Old Ones left behind for us. All they left behind for us. And now we live in a way they never would have imagined. Everything we have, everything we do is because of that Legacy. 

Do you want to know of this Legacy? I'm sure you do. So I will tell you one of the many stories and legends that lie around it, the one I feel is the closest to the truth.  There was a girl of just short of sixteen years of age. She was named Hope, after her great-aunt on her mother's side.  She was a hippy, of sorts. She hated all violence and believed that one day there could be world peace. However, something inside her switched one day, causing her hatred of war and suffering into a hatred of the human race.  Some say she changed because of bullying.  Or abuse.  Or a bad break up.  Or grief.  Or that the evil was always in her, waiting for its moment.  It was a week before her sixteenth birthday that she took action. Set out to destroy everything, everyone, the world.  Nobody knows how she did it.  All they know is that she set off a bomb.  A big one.  And it all went up in flames.  Some say it wasn't just one girl.  That there was a team of them, around the globe.  All ready to drop.  At Exactly The  Same  Time.  So Doomsday came and we did not descend into hell. Or rise to heaven.  We stayed right here.  Burning.  Dying.  There weren't many survivors. One hundred, maybe two.  But we strived to build humanity back up. And all life. But it was hard  Really hard. We didn't give up though.  And we are still working on it now. Trying to erase all that happened and make the world prosper again.  But it's not easy when no part of earth was left free of nuclear pollution. And I won't get to see how it turns out. If it works. Because I'm fading away, coughing myself into nothing. Thinking of the life I could've had if one girl hadn't flipped.  It doesn't make it any easier that that "one girl" was my big sister.  Hope Rivers.  I loved her.  And then she killed us all.
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