Quik and the Dragon

A Runescape adventure, based on the game and using actual places and beasts in the game. However, the actual fight contains moves that are not programmed into the game.

Quik, our heroine, makes her living by slaying dragons. She has job of killing some sick and destructive dragons that had caused a death in a native village.


1. The Broken Piece


     Quik took a last look back across the bay toward Tai Bwo Wannai village before heading into the tunnel.   The sun was sparkling off the dappled blue water, its tiny waves washing against the beach with a soft splatter and splash.  She could feel the salty breeze coming off the bay that was causing the tiny waves.  The birds were keeping up a steady concerto of sound, a testament to the peace they felt.  Butterflies danced the breezes on their erratic flights from flower to flower.  The lush green jungle of trees and bushes starting just a little ways off the beach presented a seemingly impenetrable wall to the uninitiated. The village could not really be seen from where she stood but she knew the direction it was, having visited numerous times.   Today it was given away by the wisps of smoke from cooking fires and the faint playful screams of children carried to her by that breeze.  The whole scene presented a rather idyllic peaceful setting, belying the devastating and deadly attack a few days before.


     Dragons! That word striking blinding fear in even the best of warriors.  Dragons had attacked the village and killed one man and seriously burned another.  A hut was burned, although that hardly describes the sudden explosion into flame that really occurred. That kind of dragon fire, hot enough to cause the whole hut to become an instant fireball, only came from adult metal dragons.  It was magic in nature and once aimed, could not be dodged.  Even invoking protection with prayer could not stop it.


     “Four dragons” the villagers said.   “One of them looked white, and the others were gray or black.  They went that way!!”, and pointed toward where Quik stood now.  A steel dragon and three irons in a pack had gotten a little too bold.  They had eyed the soft, juicy morsels of the humans too long and gave into temptation, as if dragons were subject to such human tendencies.


     The dragons from those lairs, of which there were several, usually fed in the jungle way to the south of Shilo, another village south of Tai Bwo.  Dragons detested humans as a rule. They did not even want to fly over the village. A whole village of humans was one thing; a single human was just too interesting not to investigate.  Even at that, dragons tend to veer away from any human. That one human became the drug that changed the instincts of the dragon.  No one from the village was missing, so Quik surmised it might have been an explorer in the wrong place at the wrong time.  One taste of “human” and a dragon gets “changed” some how, addicted.  Something happens that changes the appetite, or numbs its instincts, or…well, who knows what gets changed.   What is known for certain is… the dragon’s normal behavior is destroyed and their natural fears are removed.  Humans become “tasty”.


     A dragon’s sixth sense could, with uncanny accuracy, detect the fear in the human, or any other animal for that matter, know exactly where it is and whether it was easily defeated or not.  The villagers had said that a dragon had attacked the graaks a few days earlier.  No one was around but the remains and clawed footprints were unmistakable.  No human remains were found, but that would not be unusual either, considering how devastating a dragon attack could be.


     Quik was sorry for the villager that got killed.  She wished she had been notified sooner when the dragons had attacked the graaks.  The bad news might not have been quite so devastating.  At least the man had been single.  It was hard enough on his parents and friends.  A wife and child left behind were not easy to think about.  The villager that had gotten burned was going to make it…although he would need care for several months.

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