Looking though my past

You and liam have been married for 6 years with 5 beautiful children! Rose, Dasiy,Lily, Gemma and Emmiee. Your family is always being mobbed because of Liam. But the kids don't know why they're all over the news, so you need to dig back in time before your 6th child is born.


1. Confessions

"mom, we're home!" your 15 year old daughter rose said you. The next thing you know all of your girls come running in and trying to talk to you all at once. "whoa,whoa! Slow down! Let's start with Gemma!" "well today we learned how to write the letter e!" your 5 year old says. "good job! How about you lily?" you say to your 3rd oldest. "we made scupluters for art class, and mines of what Bridget-Marie will look like!" your 9 year old says to you. "Bridget-Marie as in her or him?" you ask as you point to your belly. "yea" lily says turning a bit red. "and you mrs.Daisy duke?" you say to the 2nd oldest who is 13. "well, since i go to Hubert prep, I am choosing my grade 9 courses!" said Daisy excitedly. You look over at Rose, your oldest for one more story of the day. "well i almost figured out why our family is always in the news!" you looked shocked, you completly ignored what rose said. "lets go make dinner Rose!" you say to her to try and avoid the long talk that is going to happen very soon. **only rose knows that liam was in a band when they were teenagers but she didn't know what band**. After you were done making dinner, i called daisy,lily and Gemma down for dinner. You walked over to the living room where my 10 month old baby emmiee sat in her play pen. You lift her up and walk over to the dinning room and place her in her high chair. Liam walks in just then and he sits at the head of the table, you look at him knowingly and he nods. You clear your throat and all 5 of your kids look at you. "i think you're all ready to know why we are always on the news!" you say and all of the girls jaws drop.
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