One more night

Lauren and her bestfriend Nicole decide to go to England on vacation to visit Nicole's boyfriend lee. Nicole hadn't really told Lauren that much about "lee". Only that lee was his nickname and he was in a band. Soon Lauren discover that lee is Liam from one direction. And when she starts to hang out with all the boys she can't help but fall for the one and only, Harry styles. They fall deep in love. But where will it take them?


1. Chapter 1

Today was the day. I was leaving. Leaving my family, some of my friends, an everything I knew. "Four hours until our flight leaves Lauren! Hurry your slow ass up!" my friend Nicole screamed from the living room. "Give me five seconds you bloody twat!" I laughed. She came into the room. " you know" she said,  "your getting oddly good at talking like a brit." "ehhh, i do my research (: " i said with a smile on my face. "I can't believe we are going to ENGLAND!" she boasted. "I know !  Who would of thought we would actually get to go." " oh and guess what!" "what!?" I asked. "you my friend are turning eighteen tomorrow ." "andd?" i asked. "andd that means you will be of legal age and we can both drink in the UK(; " I thought to myself how crazy this whole experience was going to be. Not only was I going to England, i was going with my bestfriend of 12 years. Even though we were going because Nicole's boyfriend lee lived there and she wanted to see him, I didn't care. This was definitely going to be the best trip of my life.
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