Nice to meet you again! (1D love story)

If I told people that when I was in high school, I kissed "the Harry Styles" from One Direction, they wouldn't believe me at all! I know I kissed Harry but he doesn't know who he kissed. It was at a masquerade party at school during our junior year. We were 16 back then, now we're 18. He's all famous and everything while I'm still in Holmes Chapel working everyday. I've lost contact with Harry since he became famous because he changed all his contact information. I have always regretted not telling him. I was one of those quiet invisible kids during high school, while Harry was the most popular. The kiss was unexpected but it happened.


1. Back in the days

The masquerade party already began as I parked my car. I was 16 and finally able to drive! The party was held in my school gym. Not the best place but we had a budget. I had on a white dress with a bow on the left of my waist-line. I wore a pair of blood red three-inch heels and got out of my car to join my best friend Angela, or Angel as I call her. She was my one and only friend.

"Kelly!" Angel called out.

I turned around and saw her getting out of her car, which was parked diagonally from mine.

"Hey angel!"

I saw him as we walked in... It was Harry Styles. (A/N before he was famous of course.) I've had a crush on him since my freshman year. He was hand in hand with the most popular senior girl. She was wearing the exact same dress I was, except she wore it better. I was jealous inside, not about the dress but about her boyfriend. I knew I would never have a chance with Harry. I pushed aside the thought and went into the gym. The lights were all flashing, and the dance floor ready to be danced on. It was quite beautiful in there. I didn't come with anyone because I was single, no guys ever acknowledged me, but it was alright. Then I felt someone elbow me in the back and I turned around. My heart beat increased when my eyes met with his.


Harry's POV 

I was ready to party. I checked my self in the car mirror once more. I was wearing a blue suit with a white tie. My hands went through my curly hair one last time as I opened the car door and got out. I walked into the school. I saw my girlfriend there waiting for me. I went over to her and grabbed her hand, she smiled and I smiled back. "Harry!" She jumped.

"Hey Alice, I'll catch you later I'm gonna go in first." I replied.

"Alright, see you soon."

She was so cheerful. I kissed her cheek and walked into the gym. I accidentally elbowed someone on my way in. I quickly turned around and saw a beautiful girl with brown hair. I could see her shining blue eyes even in such a dark room. "Sorry," I quickly said.

"It's fine," She mumbled. She turned around and walked away. I just shrugged it off and went to get a drink. 


I decided to go check and see if Alice had walked in yet, and I found her by the entrance and walked over to her. 


2 Hours later....


The clock showed that it was almost 12am. I wanted to find my girlfriend Alice and kiss her by surprise. I walked around 'till I found her. I could spot her dress from miles away, she looked stunning in the dress. It outlined her perfect curves and her long legs seemed to be even longer. She was standing by the drinks table alone. The clock struck twelve o'clock. I walked over to her and as I got closer I grabbed her waist and kissed her on the lips. I had never actually kissed her since I was being careful because we haven't been together for the longest time. I've only kissed her on her cheek. The kiss was amazing. I felt sparks fly through my whole body. At first she was hesitant and then she kissed back for about 5 seconds before she pulled away. At first, I looked at her with a perplexed face. She looked terrified! Then I looked at her closely... It wasn't Alice that I kissed. 

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