New Girl

"dad seriously? when are we going to stop moving around everywhere?"...

Jessica hart the new girl at Fairfield high school finds herself being an outsider working her way to the top in a new school with different rules. faced with new challenges, boys and even a little violence how will jess survive a few months in this new school and in the end.. will she even want to leave when the time comes?.


8. Back To School.

Chapter eight...

Jess's P.O. V

The past few days went ahead in such a blur, dad had recommended me to stay home for a few days to get better.

My whole room was full of get well soon cards, giant teddy bears and balloons. I smirked slightly looking down at my arm, it was no longer in a cast. Tomorrow I'd have to go back into school seeing as though these few days off have helped my scars and broken bones to heal.

I felt a slight uneven sensation coming from my leg, it hurt a little.

I turned my head around, looking towards the clock it was 11:00 which meant it would be break if I was at school. I decided to call someone to help drag me out of this laziness daze, don't get me wrong I've loved every minute of being able to sleep in longer but I needed to get back to school as soon as.

I reached over to my lamp table grabbing my iphone from the surface I unlocked it scrolling down the list of contacts clicking onto kylie.

The first few minutes silent until the familiar noise of kylie's voice filled my ears.

"Hey jess" she answered.

The noises near her seemed to be blocking out the sound of her voice.

"Hey, I can't hear you". I replied, waiting for her reply.

"Hang on a second.." Her voice trailed off, as I heard her shuffling herself around the area she was.

"Can you hear me now?" She stated. "

Loud and clear, where are you?" I questioned the sound of music filling my ears.

"Just in school, the canteen. "

" What's with the music?" I stated.

"Just the drama students," she replied.

The sound of cheers going off behind her.

"I have good news and very good news,which do you want to hear first?" She questioned

"All of it" I replied

"The good news is that you made the cheer team, the very good news is were going out tonight to celebrate" She stated, already making my mind up for me.

"Do I have to?, the cheer leading thing is already a reward itself" I whined

"Yes come on jessica, you haven't been out for three days, we'll go out tonight then focus on everything else once your back in school"

"... Fine. I'm coming back to school now, the sooner the better. I'll just tell my parents. I'll see you in social studies"

"Laters" the dialling tone went off, as I removed my phone from my ears.

Carefully removing the duvet from my legs. My arm seemed to have healed well, I stood up right, bending my legs to check it out.

It seemed alright too.

I walked over to the windows opening it slightly the wind brushing forcefully past the blinds brushing onto my face, I smiled. Walking over to my dressing table setting myself down onto the little stool.

My face was healing nicely. The cut on my lip was gone and the little slit to my eyebrow was still healing.

I traced my finger over it wincing slightly. I walked on over to the bathroom, brushing my teeth. I washed the bottom half of my face off as the top still felt sore. Wiping the residue of face wash off with my face cloth.

I walked back into my bedroom, the time stating 11:35am Break was over.

I headed towards my walk in wardrobe. Pulling out my pair of blue skinny jeans and black vest top covered in crosses. I pulled on my boots placing them onto my feet.

I walked on back to the dressing table, applying a light cover of foundation, mascara and some blush to my morning face.

Getting up, I grabbed my phone from the side placing my jacket onto my arm I pulled my leather side back onto my shoulder checking myself in the mirror once more.

I walked past the guest room my mother had been staying in walking down the stairs in hurry.

I grabbed a piece of toast off the rack placing it into my mouth as I securely placed my jacket on placing my phone into the pocket.

My mother was sitting down on the couch my dad opposite her. I walked by.

"And Where are you going in such hurry?" My dad stated, not looking up from his news paper.

My mothers head turning to face me. I stopped at the table grabbing my car keys.

"School." I stated my father looking up from his newspaper in disbelief.

"Please don't look so surprised, I do care about my education" I smirked.

My dad smiling slightly, I walked up to him placing a kiss down onto his cheek. Feeling his warm kiss on my forehead, I walked over to my mother placing a kiss onto her cheek as she kissed my forehead. I turned away. Heading towards the open door. Shutting it slowly behind me, I. chewed onto the remains of the toast pressing the button to my cooper the lights flashing slightly as I stepped closer opening up the door I stepped inside placing the key into the jagged slot turning slowly. The engine purring slowly as I back up, and headed towards the school.

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